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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Best Way To Ease Off Tension From Your Marriage Is With Sidechick, Very Important – Man.


hplus anonymous

A man who has chosen to remain anonymous due to some reasons best known to him has shared his thought on what he thinks is the best way to solve tension problems in marriage, hear his thoughts below;

“Sidechicks are very important in marriages. Who do you run to when you are having quarrels with your wife probably because you over indulge her? Sidechick. Who do you run to when your wife just had a baby and needs to heal? Sidechick. How do you prove to your wife that you cannot surrender to her when she tries to manipulate you with her meow? Sidechick.

In as much as men would not admit it upfront, but they know that deep down inside that what am saying really makes sense, but there are plenty hypocrites of men amongst us who have been reduced to what’s between their women’s legs. When they talk it’s no longer them talking but what they have been reduced to is just mouthing off.

Sidechicks are flexible and disposable anytime but your wife isn’t, that means your wife can give you crap but sidechick is where you go cool off. I have made peace with my demons and I have chosen to accept my natural disposition, good luck accepting yours”.

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