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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Pastors And Imams Should Be Banned From Visiting People’s Homes And Calling People’s Wives & Daughters On Phone.


This is becoming too much with our so-called men of God sheep in wolf skin with rape cases, paedophiles, impregnating little girls, there is much to this than the eyes can see.

You entrust your daughter into the hands of these men of God, they plot a way to take away their virtues with the word of God, and you do the same with your little daughter they take away her virginity not minding their age.

These men will have sex with your wives and still go after your daughters, when you hear their stories you become surprised at the extent of taboo this people can commit, an act too sacrilegious that you cannot even think of not to talk of committing.

 A girl once shared her ordeal in the hands of her own father who was a pastor at Redeemed Christian Church of God, who started molesting her at the age of 13, ordered her not to tell anyone, he conducted did 3 abortions on her. The pastor passed away when she was 21 and she revealed this dirty secret during his burial. A pastor molested even her own daughter, is that not enough evidence to show you how demonic these men are becoming?

Is it that the God that these men serve is not against their adulterous acts or that they are immune to what they preach? Did they suddenly turn to sexual demons the moment they have the privilege or is it a mind thing? The bible teachings have given these business men way too many opportunities to abuse their positions in people’s lives.

It is better to put enough restrictions on pastors and Imams to reduce this abuse because it is getting too much. Because they blindly put their trusts in these men and no regulations are been set to monitor these charismatic men, they really mess up the with the privilege that they have been giving. Instead of calling a spade a spade, some of these brainwashed sheep rather fight for their daddy in the lord including their women, as it was with the case of pastor Fatoyimbo of COZA.

There should be serious barriers between men of God and their female church members irrespective of whoever the cleric is. I appeal to all parents and guidance to closely monitor the activities between their pastors and imams who they blindly trust and their little daughters or wives.

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