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Friday, October 11, 2019

I Have Been Stuck In My Girlfriend’s House For 3 Months And Now She’s Pregnant, & I Really Can’t Marry Her – Man.



I used to live in Abuja but left when I couldn’t pay my rent anymore when things became worst for me, I moved to east, though I still had unfinished business in Abuja.

After I waited some months in the east and it was time to complete my business which I have been planning for years and was expecting to set me up good, I needed to be in Abuja for the transaction, so I hooked up with an old friend whom I never dated before, we were just friends you know but though I believe that there must have been few times when I tried to get freaky with her but failed.

You see my plan was to spend up to 2 weeks in Abuja during my business transaction, then return to the east or make plans to travel out of the country with the proceeds, but I didn’t have a trust worthy male friend who I could squat for those two weeks, so it became my worry.  Until one day this lady called me on phone to check on me, her calls became regular so I figured why not ask her if I could stay with her for those 2 weeks, and she agreed.

That was how I moved into her apartment with hopes of spending just 2 weeks then leaving, but the business transaction took longer than I expected, it was getting to a month and nothing was happening yet, meanwhile the lady was busy planning her own moves. My first week in her house we made love until contraceptive was no longer relevant, so she suggested losing the protection, and she timed it towards her ovulation, it seemed like she wanted to get pregnant.

Meanwhile she would call some of her relatives and ask them to speak to me her new found love on phone whereas I made it clear to her that I would spend just 2 weeks with her. She blackmailed me into saving her number or calling her with a pet name as she showed me that she saved mine with “My Baby”, and that was how I saved hers with “Honey”. I avoided any quarrels with her as a woman she is so as not to ruin my chance in her house.

I would want to withdraw before orgasm but she would wrestle me on the bed until a few semen will find a way into her, this continued for a while until one morning when she went to brush her teeth, she would started to vomit and showing signs of pregnancy, in fact she was pregnant. I went ahead to tell her that I wasn’t ready to become a father, at least not in this my present predicament, besides I can’t raise a child with her in that disgusted area where she built a four-room public yard in a suburb beside a refuse dump. I can’t even imagine inviting anybody I know to that area talk less of my own relatives to come see where I live with my child. I have just been on a low key mode ever since I came here.

My people, I have been in her house for 3 months now and the business have been dropped, my plans have been shattered, and I am now stuck with this not-so-my-type lady 37, who is four years older than me, pregnant with my child. Its’ all been like a dream to me till this moment, with no plans of moving ahead, am just stuck here hoping that my upcoming new plan will send me away from this misery I landed myself into.


  1. My advice, man up and take full responsibility of what you got yourself into. Atleast see her through the time of the pregnancy. Dont allow the age barrier to come against whatever you guys shared. As for the environment you dont wanna raise your child in, double your hustle to make things better for him. You see that your hideous plan, maybe to elope without her consent. God can never forgive you if you do!

  2. Congratulations for being a father

  3. Well the fault is all yours ,you shouldn't have been cohabiting with a lady when you know you can't control yourself .Moreover when a woman tell you No you need to look beyond the No to observe her actions because you don't expect her to say Yes the first time.

  4. Why crying foul? U mean all ur Eastern mentality coupled with Hustling, u don't have a male friend to squat with, or u have no idea that there are classrooms in Abuja where all these cabdrivers from osun and Kwara state sleeps after d day's hustle. Abeg! Who u think say u wan fool? At 34 u are afraid to handle a situation. Tufiakwa!!