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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Gigolo’s Confession: “I Have Listened To So Many Cheating Wives Rant About Their Husbands Are Too Low Self-Esteemed”.


A male booty call has explained his encounters with servicing married women; he explained how these women expressed their frustration over their men. Read his comments:

“Low self-esteem is what is dealing with plenty of our Nigerian men especially those that married above their social status. They lack the attitude to navigate their women into total submission, which is part of what has led their women into cheating.

Some of the ladies I render services to complain bitterly about their husband’s weaknesses, they want a man they can look up to as a husband and not a submissive husband who doesn’t have his own opinion or who is too blinded by his own ego to argue just about everything just to assert his masculinity.

Some men may not know this but masculinity is not all about showing strength, its mostly about leadership, some men cannot even lead themselves not to talk of leading other people. Many wives who have gone astray in their marriages have done so as a result of this.

Many men grow to associate their identity with the society’s acceptable behaviours rather than what they really want, they think that women are really complex, some think that women don’t even know what they want, but women respond to authority the same way they respond to money.

One lady once told me that her husband do not even understand her emotionally, he thinks that all he can do is come back home every day from work, provide for his family and have sex and that is it. Another one said that all her husband does is to keep asserting his manly rights as the head of the family and that is all that it is in the marriage.

Women are been misunderstood by men as a result of men not being emotionally developed".

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