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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Dear Cheating Wives, If You Cheat Because Your Husbands Are Weak In Bed, You Have Failed


Every problem on the face of the earth has at least a solution. All that is required towards solving any problem is absolute focus and just in time, it will belong to the past.

I have heard many cheating wives lament that “the only reason why they cheat on their husbands is because they are weak in bed”. I want to say firstly that the man in question is not your boyfriend, but your husband; and as such, his problem automatically is yours, because the two of you are now one flesh.

Having established the one flesh phenomenon, if he is weak in bed, then you the wife is also weak in bed irrespective of your high libido. His weakness is not just his problem alone but yours too; and wise people do not run away from their problem, rather they face it headlong, ensuring it belongs to the past.

Divers problems have been on the earth before we made our first cry, and will continue to evolve as long as we have breath in our nostrils. Therefore, it is vital we develop problem solving skills if we must stay afloat the problem waters of this earth.

Dear cheating wives, even if it is true that your husbands are weak in bed, okay let me believe they are; but have you ever lend a hand of help, if you had, why did you stop; because if you have continued, the problem would have been solved or close to being solved. There is a popular saying-“two good heads are better than one” and there is a saying in Igbo speaking part of Nigeria that says-“onye oru ya agwuro, anaghi ezu ike(ie he whose work has not been completed, don’t go to rest)”. So in your bid to help solve the low libido problem your husband is facing, you have to constantly lend him hand of help and don’t stop until he is made well.

I know you will be contemplating and saying within you-“am I the cause of his problem, it is his problem and not mine”; no, it is the problem of you both, he is you and you are him! You are his wife, his helper; please give him the support he needs. Show him you care. It is important to note that a woman’s care and love towards her man, make up to at least 50% of the man’s strength. Men are most times motivated or encouraged by the affection and care they receive from their wives. As a wife, you can help to enhance your husband’s libido by always ensuring he feeds on sex enhancement meals. There are fruits like watermelon together with its seeds, vegetables and other food materials that can increase a man’s libido; so find out where you can get them, how you can prepare them and ensure he always feeds on them.

It is possible that the reason why so many men are still weak, or are weak in bed is because of the bad way their wives have been treating them. Not showing a man love and care as a wife, can contribute to a large degree in his weakness in bed. When a man does not receive the degree of affection he desires from his wife, it can prompt him to get worried and no man performs well in bed with a worried state of mind. There is no marital issue that love cannot cure. Give him all the love that you have, serve him with sex enhancement meal always; if you do, you are 50% close to seeing that your husband’s low libido becomes a thing of the past.

He is weak in bed is not enough an excuse to cheat on your husband. I believe strongly that many women that found themselves with such men, cheat because they are not willing to render help or simply because they withdrew their love. Being unwilling to help your husband to solve his sexual weakness, makes him feel rejected and reluctant to seek solution. A man with sexual weakness will feel loved with high sense of belonging when he found out that his wife is making effort to see that his problem is solved.

 Being weak in bed is not the same as being impotent, which makes the chance of a man suffering from it high of bouncing back to full sexual potential. So the reason   wives cheat on their husbands who they term weak is because they are not willing to help or simply because they withdrew their love.

In conclusion, if you are married to a man with low libido and you don’t want to cheat on him, never get tired of helping him overcome the challenge, and never withdraw your love from him.

Therefore, keep your love on him, help his libido.

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