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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

African Men Are Cursed With Sex, That Is Why They Never Progress Because Every Move Is Been Planned Towards Sex.


That is what happens when you make sex the core reason for your daily motives because Sex is so detrimental both physically and mentally. The reason for Africa to still be an under developed continent today is that our dear African men live and breathe for sex, they will do nothing but everything to get a considerable inflow of constant sex.

We cannot progress more than we already have because we love sex more than anything in the world; our mentality is limited to what will provide us with sex, so became slaves to it. They can do anything to get rewards of sex, which is why lecturers will demand it from their student for grades, employers will demand it from employees before jobs, politicians will demand it from subordinates, bosses will demand it from staffs, pastors and imams will demand it from members before blessings, even boyfriends will demand it from partners before marriages.

It is hard to believe this but every struggle that reeks of corruption that an average African man makes in life to be successful is powered by sex, this is a real fact. The real romantic emotions felt by an African man is the one that comes during love making, so every other emotion isn’t real, so they wallow in their misery enslaved by their own passion. It becomes hard for a man to concentrate on the growth and development of his society.

Women on the other hand are making matters worse; they have come to realized this, so they have turned their body into the greatest weapon of male destruction. They flood everywhere with their unclad images leaving the men with almost nothing to imagine, that is why the internet is flooding with naked pictures of women dancing and doing what they called twerking. Women of nowadays have grown so bold to reveal their unclad bodies, that is why more men are getting into so many stuffs.

Even the white men have taken not of this; Donald Trump once said that Africans make more babies when it’s raining than cultivating their farms, he also said that Africans love to dance and party more than taking charge of their own lives. Nothing is farther from the truth, an African man will chose sex over developing is society or engage in a mind blowing activity, and to him everything is just sex.

Corruption in Africa all started as a result of one man wanting to please the women who has captivated his brain or who will soon captivate him; he had to compromise his standards just to keep that inflow of sex constant. Sex is the main reason for corruption and bribery in Africa, envy, hatred, killing etc. Do I need to remind you the main reason behind xenophobia in South Africa? In as much as they would want you to believe that it was all because of drug peddling, massive unemployment, violence, etc. Xenophobia is as a result of sex. It all began when their women stopped taking their men seriously and started loving foreigners in their country especially Nigerians, it was all sex oriented.

Imagine how far Africa could have achieved if we had abolished or curtailed this act that is ravaging our society unconsciously.

#MindOverSex, #sexforgrades

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