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Monday, September 2, 2019

Why Do Older Women Act Childishly When They Are In Love With Younger Men?

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I don’t know if this is a fact but someone has made this statement about dating older ladies, and he said;

“My preference for older ladies started when I was admitted in the hospital after I had an accident in 2007, some of the nurses who were really older than me were really caring, they took care of me and that was how my preference for older ladies started.

In fact it made me a centre of attraction to sugar mummies, I used to prefer ladies 1 – 5 years older than I was but instead the women I attract are 10 – 20 years older. Like the say you attract what you think, and that was how I lost interest in younger women.

In all my experiences, I have come to discover that the much deeper in love a sugar mummy is, the more likely she would be behaving childishly, and they behave more childlike than a teenage girl who is new to love, the only difference is that older women are less dramatic than than their younger counterparts. Some of them demand your attention and affection just like a younger lady would, while some of them don’t mind displaying love scene in public with their younger lovers when they are carried away.

I have come across a woman who will never tolerate a single slap from her husband; she had actually called police on him the day he slapped her, but her young lover has once beaten the crap out of her and she kept it secret, instead she tried to win him back with gifts”.


  1. ....and they can be jealous!! you no get right to talk to any other girl, they must to question you

  2. A young lover makes them feel young. Thats the effect of youth.