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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Why 80% Of Nigerian Men Never Marry The Women Of Their Dreams. Never Make That Same Mistake.


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My heart bleeds for most men, who are in self-made bondage because of culture; they have learnt to take society’s opinion at heart therefore, they follow the crowd mentality and end up with the worst kind of women.

In my research from dealing and understanding relationships with my blog, a few things have come to play, at least 80% of Nigerian men never marry the women of their dreams, and a lot of others are just at the point of making that same mistake too.

I have gotten numerous calls and emails from men asking me the best way to understand what women really want and to analyze the complications in a break down. And some also want to be sure the girl they are dating isn’t pretending only to start displaying her true colour.

What these men are dealing with is a self-esteem issue. Most men do not want to learn, they think they can figure things out all on their own, so they keep walking around afraid within, not nearing good women but rather having sex with low class girls up and down, then after a while they settle in marriage and philandering.

After they die with loads of regrets, the cycle continues. Most times they won’t even tell a younger man their failures, so the younger men are going to repeat the pain of low self-esteem. Masculinity should make a man confident and not jittery.

Learning not to take people’s opinion to heart is what makes you strong, the fact that you are careful not to feel bad means you are not totally living. You owe it to your sanity to unlearn garbage the society has planted into your hearts and don’t apologize for it.

Leave all those shallow women you pick from your village or who have not developed mentally which you consider as wife material alone, they are nothing but a drag to your life. A woman whose plan is to marry you and bear children for you and then add more responsibilities to your life and not a single value are women you should fear.

Men marry them thinking they are doing themselves a favour of getting a peace of mind because they think these low class girls can easily be controlled, only but a few years into the marriage tells them how far. Or because she’s a virgin or looks too young and fertile, marriage is no longer about only giving a man kids anymore, it’s about giving him value.

Men seem afraid of women and the women seem strong because most men can’t hold their own views. Unlearn that mentality that ‘there are few good women today’, it is a limiting mindset block. A woman who knows her worth is a global resource without limit, a man’s jackpot; she’s a man’s multiplying future, that’s the kind of women who should be hotcake and smart grounded men do not miss them because they know they can ‘handle’ them just like they handle everything in their lives.

The reason for this post is to start the awareness campaign to save just a negligible percentage of men so that a whole generation of men doesn’t go to waste. Drop a message in the comment box if you have a question, if you need a one on one free coaching or counseling, your email address or phone number.

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