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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Stolen iPhones Traced To Gang Of Slay Queens Who Target Big Churches Every Sunday To Steal Phones

stolen iphone

A woman who is a member of The Citizens Church, Wuse2 Abuja, narrated how she recovered her stolen bag which contained phones, ipad, her purse and other valuables was in church during a Sunday service.
She said;

“When it was time for offering, everyone is expected to leave their seats and drop their offering envelops into the offering baskets, so I went to drop mine and by the time I came back I discovered that my bag was gone, the bag contained one iphone7, one Samsung edge and one infinix phone belonging to my daughter, one ipad and my purse which contained about N15,000.

When the attention of everyone on that row and the one behind was drawn to the missing bag, they tried to remember who and who left the seat, the number was ringing but no one was answering it. So I borrowed another person’s iphone  and started tracking my iphone with the Find My iPhone app, I could see the proximity of my phone on the iphone, so we went to the police and they gave us men to accompany us.

We traced the phone to a compound in Lugbe and immediately I recognized a lady that I saw in church, she was still on her dress which I used to recognize her, I told her that I recognized her and that she stole my phone and so I’m here to collect it back. The policemen entered her apartment and searched the house and recovered 37 stolen phones and my bag and purse, but the rest of my phones have been taken to those guys who flash locked phones, they arrested her and 4 other girls in the apartment, and we went to recover my phones from those phone flasher guys.

When the policemen interrogated them, they revealed that they attend different big churches in various districts to seat close to wealthy looking people in order to target their phones”.

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