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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Mortician Explains Strange Ghostly Activities Going On In The Mortuary


The whole staff of St. Charles Borromeo Mortuary, Onitsha went agog after a beer seller woman who sells close to the mortuary was asked to come and collect her empty beer bottles which she used to sell beer to a man whom she said directed her to come to the mortuary and collect them only for the staff to discover to be a corpse in the mortuary.

The mortuary attendants said that they have been noticing empty beer bottles on the floor of the mortuary room, but didn’t know who kept them there, even when nobody else entered the room, they will come and still find some empty bottles on the floor. When they gathered those bottles it was up to a crate.

Okechukwu, one of the morticians said “when the woman came to pick her empty bottles, she said that she came to pick her bottles of beer which she has used to be selling beer to a man who has not been returning her bottles, but directed her to come and collect them at the mortuary. We asked her to describe the man and the description she gave never fit any of our staff profile, but rather it fitted the description of one of the corpse in the refrigerator”.

It was alleged that the corpse of the man would sneak out of the mortuary to buy beer from the woman and ask her to come to the mortuary to collect her empty beer bottles. Okechukwu went ahead to explain that it was not the first time they had received strange incidents. 

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1 comment:

  1. It has happened in Enugu to one woman that sells Okpa opposite Anamco along Airport road......the dead man was brought in about four days ago at St Agnes mortuary still opposite that Anamco......Na true life story but a long one shaa........ though he was caught because he didn't pay for the two days he bought the stuff telling the woman that he was as a mortician at the mortuary, unfortunately the woman's neighbor is the mortician there, but he came on the third day with the same clothing, that was when the woman demanded for the money of the previous ones he has collected and sent her child to go to the morgue and call her neighbor who is the mortician there a flash the man disappeared and everyone took to his/her heels...........

    Later the main mortician came and when he was told about the incident he led the woman to the morgue to identify the man, she fearfuly followed her with other people and behold her debtor was lying dead in the morgue with same cloth same trouser no shoes just as the way he always come .........the woman slumped