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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Man Receives Curse After Impregnating Teenage Girl, Years Later His Wife And Daughters Went Wild


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I bumped into my former neighbour Dan, were neighbours back when I was living in Asaba, we exchanged pleasantries and did some catching ups, it was then I remembered Dan’s ordeal back in the days at Umuokwo street Asaba.

Dan was a core bachelor back then and he loved to go after little girls, secondary school underage girls were his favourite, there was no teenage girl in that area and beyond that he hasn’t sorted after. He was a predator to teen girls and parents of teenage girls dreaded him, parents that did not know the whereabouts of teenage daughters would even come to look for their daughters in his house, so you can imagine the extent of drama, he impregnated some girls and they got rid of it secretly.

One day Dan slept with the wrong girl who her father was a traditionalist, he impregnated her, so her father insisted that Dan must marry her and he refused, so the father placed a curse on Dan and told him that he will have only girls and all of them shall bring him pain and shame like he brought to him, and everything he did to other people’s daughters, they will do to his daughters.

Today Dan is married and he has 6 daughters with no boy, his first daughter who is now in her early twenties had a child who her mother takes care of after she abandoned the child with her mother, she moved on to be living with another man who has not paid her bride price, the second daughter dropped out of school, she is now a confirm runs girl and yet she is just 18 years old. All his girls have spiraled out of control including his wife who also sorts after young boys.

When I saw Dan that day, he looked much older than his age, he must have been living his life in total regrets, Bible says that we should not treat others the way we wouldn’t like them to treat us, but how can a man like Dan think that he would receive better treatment after damaging other people’s happiness?

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