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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Man Exposes Provocative Photos On Twitter Of His Ex Gf Who Left Him To Marry Another Guy Continued Sending Him


A man has taken to twitter to expose the half nude pictures and erotic messages his ex-girlfriend has been sending him even after she left him and got married to another man.

He tweeted; “She left me becus she couldnt wait, now she’s bored and she has been calling me, sending me erotic messages saying that we should start where we stopped. Do i look like a wife banger to her? If I expose her face now i will be labeled a demon by twitter girls but on the other hand they will cheer a lady who exposes her ex-boyfriend who dumped her to marry another woman. I hate what i don’t like, let her enjoy her marriage in peace na, me i cannot come and be doing back yard business with someboris wife when i should be planning to get my own wife.”

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