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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Letter To South Africans & The Rest Of The World: The Hatred For Nigerians By Other Foreigners By Luscious Kaynkwo


WE ARE NIGERIANS, we know where we come from and we go where we choose to, we understand the need for laser swift focus to achieve our goals, we do not get blown around by the breeze of circumstances rather we choose our own fate.

We don’t wait for people to hand us left overs, we shake the tree as hard as we can and see what falls, that is why we are critical to these people, they fear Nigerians because we dominate our territories with our successful nature, and out of jealousy and envy they label us selfish and greedy, but yet we are the most peaceful and most loving people on earth.

As a matter of fact, many beautiful ladies around the world have attested to our men’s greatness; our ability to excel in any environment even when nobody else has dared to succeed. They have made many videos commending Nigerian men for their efforts, they have started to urge their fellow women to raise their children the way our mothers raise theirs, and they know the worth of our people.

To South Africans, It is so unfortunate that their pretty endowed wives and daughters choose comfortable lives over scraps of bread crumbs which their men boastfully provide, there is no shame in their women wanting a real man who can take good care of them, there is no shame in wanting the taste of a better life which they have never tasted before which only Nigerians can give them.

Every morning South African jobless and lazy men and women roam the streets, looking for shops to loot to support their lazy habits and their violent nature, they are done with Nigerians and no more Nigerian shops to loot, now they have taken to Pakistanis. Their women who support this xenophobia are those ugly ones, who could not seduce a Nigerian man.

At first they were very sincere in blaming Nigerians for taking over their jobs, women, space, properties etc. but when they saw that it was implicating them as weaklings, they turned around and accused Nigerians for running drug cartels in South Africa. They are quick to forget how the Nigerian government spent over $6 billion just to fight for their ingrate citizens.

WE ARE NIGERIANS, we will leave South Africa in peace because we survive anywhere, you can continue with your violence and looting until there is nothing else left to loot then you can probably turn against each other and start killing yourselves.

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