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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Lady Who Destroyed Her Boyfriend’s Home Appliances After He Quitted The Relationship Has Been Ordered By Court To Replace Them


A lady Identified as Rita 33, has been arraigned to Maitama high court on September 19th for destroying her ex-boyfriend’s house hold appliances in a disagreement between them. Eze 35, told the court how Rita began to smash everything in his house in Gwarimpa when fight broke out between the two after he got tired of the relationship and called it off.

Eze said that Rita moved into his house and started living with him just about a month after they met, she live with him for up to 3 year and he discovered that Rita was a troublesome person. According to him, Rita constituted nuisance in the compound and was known for her troubles.

“I have suffered in the hands of this woman since she manipulated me to let her move into my house, since then I have taken up the responsibility to be provide for her, since she lost her job 2 years ago she has never made any effort to get another one, she will bring a family member to come live in the house for months without consulting me first. I never mentioned marrying her but she had tried to drag me to go meet her people and pay her bride price”. Eze said.

“I have tried many times to call it quit but she would never move out of my house, but rather she would fight me and later apologize, I have wanted her to leave long ago because I couldn’t stand it anymore. She had secret lovers which I knew but I didn’t bother to investigate because

I wasn’t interested in her anymore. One day she locked me out of my own house because I wouldn’t give her money for her hair. This time I had to be firm in my decision, so I had to push her things outside, she fought me and the next thing she did was to go into my kitchen and get a pestle and began smashing everything”.

Among the things Rita smashed with pestle was a 40 inch Samsung TV, a DVD player, TV stand, a HP laptop, a glass centre table, one standing fan, a wall clock, one bread toast machine and some other kitchen utensils. 

The female judge Zahrau became angry at Rita’s action; she used that opportunity to address single ladies who jump into living with a man who has not yet paid their bride price, just as an opportunity to drive them into marrying them or to avoid rent to desist from that act, she said it is a disgrace to womanhood, adding that Eze owed Rita nothing even if she lived in his house for 10 years and was never married to her, saying that you cannot force someone to marry you.

Judge Zahrau demanded Rita to replace all the properties she destroyed in Eze’s house, she placed her under bail with 2 sorties.

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