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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Husband Drags Wife To Court For Taking Their Children And Moved To Live With Another Man


A serious drama occurred in Mpape high court Abuja on 10th of September when Kingsley 40, the complainant explained how his wife Oluchi 30, has taken his three children to go and live with another man without a warning, the man who is now claiming to be her husband, it appears that even her father supports her daughter’s decision.

Mr Kingsley took his wife and her new lover to court in order to beg him to leave his wife alone as she might not conscious of what she was doing, saying that his wife could be under spell.

Our correspondent gathered that Kingsley attended his wife’s mother’s burial which his wife didn’t attend, by the time he returned his wife and children were nowhere to be found, when he enquired about their whereabouts only to discover that she was now living with another man. Kingsley said that when he went to the man’s house to question his wife, he was not allowed to see her, he was also denied his rights to even see his children. He said he brought the matter to court when he had no other option left.

During the court session, Oluchi’s lover Olisah was present, he was asked who he was to the defendant Oluchi, and he said to be her husband, the judge asked how Oluchi can be married to two husbands at once. Oluchi’s father Mr. Alfred Onwuka attested to Olisah’s claim of being Oluchi’s husband, saying that he no more recognizes Kingsley as his son-in-law for reasons that he could not give proper explanations to.

Planning and executing a transfer of wife amongst his wife and her father without his consent was not a matter Kingsley planned on returning to from his wife’s village where he went to condole his father-in-law, all the while he was in the village with his father-in-law not knowing that the same father-in-law had another plan for him.

Kingsley begged the judge to ask Olisah to leave his wife alone, adding that his wife must be under some sort of spell which Olisah placed on her. He said that his father-in-law has once asked him to purchase a keke napep (tricycle) for him so he could use it for transport business, but Kingsley told him that he doesn’t have the money, only for him to have planned to give out his daughter to another man as if he is selling his daughter to the highest bidder. According to Kingsley, that was the only reason he could understand for his wife and her father’s decision, but there seems to be more to this case than meets the eye.

The court chief, Danladi adjourned the case to 30th of September 2019 for further hearing.

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