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Saturday, September 28, 2019

How To Identify If A Woman Who You’re Dating Is Desperate To Get Married.


Dating has made things so easy to spot out from your partner even before getting into a union, but sometimes we are not equipped enough with the knowledge to understand, translate or decipher whatever traits we discover during the courtship.

Regardless, a woman can be desperate to get married for all the wrong reasons, it could be age factor, it could be pressure from family or it could be because of the personality of the man in the picture, maybe his wealth, job, social status etc. but nothing good comes out of such marriages, you should proceed with caution and avoid such women if you find out that the woman you are dating is exhibiting any of these signs.

Signs to decipher that you are dating a woman who is desperate to get married

  •  She frequently calls her family members on phone in your presence and requests you to greet them.
If your woman constantly calls different members of her family, from her mother, sisters, cousins, friends, co-workers etc. or she quickly wants to introduce you in person, you are dealing with a woman who is desperate to get married, don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with speaking with her family or friends, but if she frequently requests you to talk to them then she is trying to rush you into marriage. And if she is desperate, she will constantly talk about her family’s greatness.

  •   She encourages you to have unprotected sex with her.
If your woman is desperate to settle down with you, she will be plotting an unexpected pregnancy to try to quicken her plans to get married. If you do not want to have get married to her, you must take the preliminary measures of using a condom during sex, even when she tells you ‘not to use condom and she’s not a baby but an adult who has been dating other men before’, take that statement seriously. If you do not take caution, she will trick you into an unwanted family way with her and when you go into the marriage you may have regrets for the rest of your life. Do not allow a woman to conquer you with unexpected pregnancy and use you to get out of singlehood. Getting pregnant requires a plan and not something to jump into, many men who went down that road has had nothing but regrets.

  • She suddenly gets into your business and tries to help you manage it.
If the woman you are dating is suddenly obsessed with your business and offers to help manage your career, she might be trying to get you think of what a good wife she will make in helping you manage your business. These types are usually smart, they would desperately want the opportunity to display their skills in business and career making so that you would want to be interested in what she can offer. Be wary of them.

  •    She always talks about her future married life.
It is every woman’s dream to get married someday but when a woman is constantly talking about it as if it were a reality shows that she is desperate. If your woman always admires babies in your presence or she already knows a name for her unborn children, she always talks about how less expensive bride price in her village costs, or the right things to do to pay less of bride price, or she already knows what kind of wedding gown to wear, she knows who to and who not to invite on her wedding! You now seem to be just a tool to help her actualize her dreams.

  •     She has dated many guys in the past.
If she has dated or been engaged to many guys before you probably means she is desperate to settle down. When she’s this desperate, she may not have a good taste in selecting a husband. Her reason for have dated many guys in the past is that she usually thinks that every man could be the one.

  •     She tells you upfront before dating that she isn’t into relationships anymore; she is looking forward to marriage.
When you go on a first date with a woman, and she starts asking you what plans you have with her, or that she isn’t ready for boyfriend and girlfriend matters except you want to walk her down the aisle, she is definitely desperate for marriage.

Marriage is not a play thing you want to rush into because you want to impress a lady, no matter your relationship with her, if you are dating a woman who shows any of these signs listed above, she probably wants to drag you into marriage quickly, you should take cautionary measures with such kind of woman.

There is no need to rush into it, if the pressure is coming from the lady best get out quick. It is the course of that patience that you will see what you don’t know and what you wouldn’t have seen if you had rushed into the marriage, just allow the relationship to take its natural course because it is in nature we have God and in nature grace operates therefore, anything you are doing you must cooperate with the grace, and the grace is available for everybody, so its left for you to cooperate with the grace.

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