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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Don't Listen To Those Who Say Your Success Will Intimidate Men From Marrying You - Reno Omokri


The former SSA on youth matter to President Goodluck Jonathan and the pastor of the Mind of Christ Christian Center in California and AbujaReno Omokri, has offered a resounding relationship advice on Facebook to young women who are scared of driving men away with her success. In his word;

“Dear single women,

SUCCEED BIG TIME. Don't listen to those who say your SUCCESS will INTIMIDATE men from marrying you. You don't need that sort of man anyway. Hold PAY, PRAY, SLAY and you will get a man that will STAY! But when that man comes, don't try to BOSS him especially if you are more SUCCESSFUL than him. You are the BOSS in the OFFICE. He is the BOSS at HOME”

Meanwhile men have a societal induced believe system which says that all successful women are rude and disrespectful, matter of fact the richer than she is the more troublesome she will become as a wife. Men have to start the unlearning process of this kind of generalized thoughts and take charge of their lives and stop going for low class ladies who put no value into their lives rather than become a drag.

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