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Friday, August 23, 2019

My Girlfriend Accidentally Dialed My Number While She Was Having Sex With Another Guy


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I have had a similar issue like this before in the past, where my former girlfriend sent me a romantic text which was meant for another guy, that was how she got busted.

In this case it was quite painful; imagine listening from another end of the phone to the moaning and screaming of your fiancée of another dude banging her, I could never forget that feeling. I spoke with her and she told me that she was on her way to attend a program, only for my phone to ring 20 minutes later, I answered and I was hearing her screaming and moaning in pleasure.

At first, I thought it was a prank, but the more I listened the more it dawned on me that it was real; I could hear the guy’s voice at the background too moaning, so I decided to record it. I listened throughout the sex scene till when she went to wash off, and to their afterwards conversation, until someone ended the call, I recorded everything.

When my fiancée later came to my house 3 days later to find out why I was avoiding her calls since then, I first of all asked her who Sam was, Sam was the guy’s name I heard from that sex background, she denied knowing anybody named Sam, I confronted her with the fact that she lied to me about attending any program but rather to go visit Sam and be having sex with him, I told her about the accidental call.

She denied it again, she is the type of woman that will deny anything, even when you almost caught her red handed, until you have a concrete evidence to nail her, and that was why she has been sliding by in all her previous sexcapades. Her next move would be to start shedding of crocodile tears and play victim.

She was about to go there when I played her the recordings, then she froze in guilt, I had never seen my Ms. Perfect Goody shoes girlfriend in this state before. I told her that the relationship has already ended that was why I stopped picking her calls. A woman who can cover up her tracks that good is worse than the devil, it means that she can do anyhow she likes and cannot be caught. If it wasn’t for the accidental call, she wouldn’t have been caught.

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