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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Man Sues Friend After Failing To Impregnate His Wife After 77 Attempts


A policeman in Tanzania has sued his friend to court following an accusation of fraud after contracting him to impregnate his wife which he failed to after 77 failed attempts in 10 months.

It was gathered that 50-year-old Darius Makambako was not capable of impregnating his wife after been told by doctors that he was sterile hired his neighbour Evans Mastano, to help him out impregnate his 45-year old wife, Precious. But after 2,000,000 Tanzanian Shillings and his friend failed to impregnate his wife for two months after sleeping with her for 77 times, he got angry because his friend was only using his wife to catch feelings and failed to accomplish their agreement.

After three evenings a week of sex for 10 months in 2016, Darius Makambako grew suspicious when his wife still remained unpregnant. So he demanded a medical examination which revealed that Evans Mastano was also sterile. This shocked everyone except Evan’s wife who confessed that his two children were not really his. 

Darius is now dragging Evans to court for breach of contract in an effort to get his money back, but Evans rubbishes his claim because he said he did not assure conception, but only that he would make an effort.

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  1. The full story got me reeling in laughter

  2. Replies
    1. Evans wife is the Budwisser "King of the Match"

      She outplayed everyone.