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Thursday, August 29, 2019

If Your Wife Is Unclad, Even When Your House Is Burning, Neighbours Cannot Come In To Put Off The Fire- Man Says


Unbelievable! A man narrating the teachings of the holy Koran says that a woman’s nakedness is the most sacred possession of her husband and can never allow any other man to feast his eyes on her unclad body, even if her life depends on it.

He went ahead to say that the Koran gave 3 instructions to women;

Firstly, a married woman can only visit her father not more than once in 6 months, even when they live in the same city.

Secondly, upon relocation from their previous apartment to a new one, in the process of transferring their properties to the new house, husband must not leave wife at home alone during this process, wife must go with husband in all the transferring of properties.

And thirdly, If your wife is unclad, Even when your house is burning, neighbours cannot come in to put off the fire, says for it is abomination if wife’s nakedness is unveiled to the world. Unclad also points to when the wife is putting on clothes but not on hijab.

It seems that a woman’s nakedness is more sacred than her life…

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