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Saturday, August 17, 2019

How The Nigeria Vs Kenya South Africa 2010 World Cup Qualifier Was Fixed By A Notorious Match Fixer “Perumal Wilson”

Perumal Wilson

A notorious match fixer who started out fixing football matches in the late 80’s and perfected the art of match fixing, Perumal Raj Wilson a Singapore national, who was convicted for fixing matches, revealed to BBC how he has been fixing matches including the South African 2010 world cup qualifier match between Nigeria vs Kenya played in November 14, 2009 in Nairobi. In Perumal’s interview reads:

“I have brought previously Nigeria to tournament in Malaysia, The Intercontinental Cup, so that was how I planned with Odera to approach the Nigerian football association”.

Prince Odera AKA Odera Eze is a Nigerian National and football agent, as the documents in Aljazera’s possession attests, he clearly also had close links to the Nigerian football federation. In September 2008, he was licensed by the federation to organize international fixtures on its behalf and traveled with the national team on several occasions. That same year he was photographed with Wilson Raj Perumal when Nigeria took part in the Intercontinental cup in Malaysia.

In late October 2009, just a couple of weeks before Nigeria’s last world cup qualifier against Kenya, Odera signed two letters to secure visas to Nigeria for Perumal and an associate Manimaran Kalimutu. Kalimutu was one of the syndicate’s most reliable runners who regularly carried money overseas for Perumal and passed it on to footballers in Kenya, Rwanda, Jordan and elsewhere. In early November 2009, he and Perumal flew to Nigeria and checked into the transcorp Hilton hotel in Abuja.


“We reached Abuja at 8am Nigeria time, we went and put our luggage in the room, and Wilson told me to meet him downstairs at the lobby, there were people from the federation and I didn’t join them, I just went to the bar, I was having my chivas”

During that meeting, Perumal claims to have offered members of the Nigeria football federation an extraordinary deal.

“I will make sure everything is done to help Nigeria qualify, which is I’ve got two players or three players in the Kenyan team and they will ensure Nigeria’s win. And the other side is that my company will probably give bonus to Mozambique of $100,000usd to make sure they get positive results with Tunisia”.

In exchange Perumal says he wanted his company Football For You International to be given an official mandate to organize pre-world cup warm up fixtures for the Nigerian national team.

“If a team makes it to the world cup there’s between 1 to 1.5million usd for them before the world cup and they get an approximate sum of 8million dollars after the group stage is completed, and that is a lot of money for a football association”.

Three days before the Kenya vs Nigeria match, Perumal wrote a letter to the general secretary of the Mozambique football association. Perumal promised the football association $100,000 if the Mozambique won or drew their game against Tunisia. Perumal spoke on the role he played during the Nigeria vs Kenya match.

“I had three players in the Kenyan team, two of them were starting the match and one was on the bench, so I spoke to the players and they agreed to have Nigeria win the match”.
On November the 14 2009, Kenya and Nigeria faced off in Nairobi while Mozambique played Tunisia.

“Eventually Mozambique beat Tunisia, I don’t know how they did it, they managed to get 3 points out of Tunisia and Nigeria won, it was like what I had planned, Nigeria qualifying for the world cup finals”.

The match ended in Nigeria’s victory of 3 goals to 2. When told that the Kenya vs Nigeria match was fixed, Obafemi Martins could not bring himself to believe it.

Obafemi Martins:
“I remember the game so well that I played against Kenya, it wasn’t a fixed game, and they wanted to win against Nigeria because they have never won against Nigeria, so we wanted to win too because we wanted to go to the world cup, so it wasn’t a fixed game for me”.

On Perumal’s return to Singapore he was arrested for unrelated assault charge. By the time he was released few weeks later he says the deal he’d offered the Nigerian football authorities had gone cold.

“When I came out from the three weeks I spent, I sent repeated emails to Odera, asking him what was going on, was he going to fulfill his promise or not”.

Perumal wasn’t given the access to Nigeria’s world cup warm up matches and training camp that he sort. But in April 2010, the Nigerian football federation did grant his company Football For You International the right to organize other friendly games for the national team. The letter was forwarded to Perumal by his NFF contact Odera Eze. BBC got in touch with Odera on the phone to ask about his relationship with the match fixer. When Odera was been asked if he knew Perumal Wilson and his response on the phone was:

Odera Eze:
“I don’t know him so well but I think I could remember sometime he came to the Nigeria football federation office, that was where we met”

Odera Eze denied that he ever knew Perumal was match fixing, he denied any knowledge of any offer or deal that Perumal made to him or to NFF official before the Kenya qualifier. He did agree that he passed on the Nigerian football federations letter of mandate to Perumal’s company Football For You International, but he did not explain why, the letter of mandate bears the signature of one Mohammed Sanusi. At the time he was the NFF’s head of competitions, now he’s at integrity officer. We asked him to explain the letter and the NFF’s relationship with Perumal, Sanusi said that he does not remember signing the letter, that he knows who Perumal is but has never met him in person.

The Kenya-Nigeria game is only one of several world cup qualification matches for the 2010 FIFA world cup that Perumal claimed to have influenced; in fact he says he played a part in the qualification of five of the thirty-two teams that eventually took the field in South Africa. Surely then these and his many other claims of merit close examination FIFA the governing body of football.

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