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Friday, August 2, 2019

Grandmother 90, Kidnaped 47 Children Of Under 4 In Kano And Transported Them To Anambra

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This matter was reported in an Abuja local radio station, Human Rights Radio, during a popular live program known as Brekete Family, the parents of the kidnapped children were invited to the studio to narrate how these kids went missing.

One of the parents Saliu Isah Ismail from Nassarawa local government in Kano stated that their community Kawo Lambu in Kano state has been witnessing the loss of their children from under the age of 4 from 2014. He said that before then, there was a woman known as Hajiya Amina Gara, Igala by tribe from Kogi state, who relocated from her former neighbourhood Kawo Magari to their community in Kawo Lambu, she is a well-known woman in that society.

At the point according to Saliu, they came to discover that those missing kids were dumped at Hajiya Amina Gara’s house pending when they will be transported out of Kano state. A woman known as Christiana Uju who comes from Sabongeri  will arrange transportation for those children to the south-east.

It all started during the time the community were been terrorized by this kidnapping, their vigilante was activated, so for three days the kidnappers could not transport their victims which they already had in their custody due to stop and search. One of Hajiya Amina’s friends paid her a visit one day, when she entered her compound, she didn’t meet her but she discovered that three of the children who were reported missing 3 days ago were sleeping in her house.

She came and reported it to the vigilante, the children were rescued and Hajiya Amina was arrested by the police after been rescued from being lynched by an angry who also wanted to set her house ablaze if not for the intervention of the police DPO. During interrogation she claimed that she was helping those children whom she claimed to have found wandering the neighbourhood, she said she figured that they were missing so she offered help and brought them into her house shelter and feed them until they reunite with their families. Her story wasn’t straight when she was asked why she didn’t report the missing children.

Hajiya Amina Gara was later released just after 2 hours of her arrest; she came back to the community to boast that no one can drive her away from that community, she claimed to be more powerful than everybody in the community.

Hajiya Amina contracted a young man named Umar Aliyu to force a nursing baby out of its mother’s arms, Saliyu said that the mother was breast-feeding her baby when she heard a knock on her door, that was when Umar Aliyu entered her house and asked the mother to hand over her baby or die, when the mother refused, he started struggling to take the child and battered her in the process, injuring her seriously but fortunately the woman succeeded in saving her baby.

Another incident that deeply implicated Hajiya Amina Gara was when she also contracted people who went to distract a mentally challenged mother so that they could steal her baby, they kept the baby for 2 weeks and discovered that the baby was also mentally challenged like its mother. It was on the point of returning the baby that they were caught, and the baby later died after been separated from its mother for 2 weeks.

Hajiya Amina Gara and her accomplices including her daughter Pat Zainab were later arraigned in a sharia court at court number 27, Audu Bako secretariat Kano state, it was at the court that Umar Aliyu and others came forward to confess of being contracted by Hajiya Amina Gara to kidnap those children and bring them to her house. When the parents demanded justice and wanted to find out the location of the kidnapped children, but the sharia court judge asked them to allow police to investigate, and that was just it.

Hajiya Amina Gara was in police custody for almost 2 years, according to Saliu, he said that their community enjoyed rest of mind as they never heard any kidnap story in that community any more. But immediately Hajiya Amina was released, the children in that community began to be missing again.

A total of 47 children have been counted for by their parents were allegedly missing, these parents displayed the pictures of these 47 missing children and the 3 recovered children all under the age of 4. The case is still pending and nothing serious has been done to recover the 47 missing children, yet Hajiya Amina is still allowed to be walking free.
According to statistical reports, the states which recorded the highest rate of kidnapping activities in Nigeria are; Kano state, Edo state, Delta state.

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