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Saturday, July 13, 2019

How To Turn Your 5 Months Old Relationship Into Marriage, Ladies Only!


Greetings beautiful ladies, today am going to be revealing some strong tactics which a woman can use to get her lover propose to her quick. If you have been dating him from the past 5 months to whenever, this strategy will make him do something very fast or help you know your stand in the relationship.

I have experienced it first-hand so I witnessed how it works perfectly. In 2016 my ex used this strategy on me unintentionally and I yielded, if not that the guy acted fast, she would have been mine. So I decided to explore that tactics more. Just last February, I have worked with a woman with this strategy and a man she just met in less than 2 months rushed down to Imo state and paid whatever bride price his money could reach at that moment, how much more you that have dated him for over a year now. But of course there are some criteria that could hinder this strategy from working, if your type of relations falls within these categories;

1. If you’re the type that your boyfriend/fiancĂ© always suspect of infidelity and you always have a perfect way to cover it up, he might be correct in his suspicions but the smart ways which you to cover it up makes him look like a fool even if he’s too dumb. The more he acquires, the more you make him look dumber. If you know you’re cheating him, please stop it, if you know you’re not and he always suspects you, try and be more transparent with him because it’s very important.

2. If your relationship lacks romance, you are only into it hoping and praying to God that he marries you. You need to take your man to a romantic adventure, spice it up a bit so that he will know what he will miss if he’s about to lose you.

3. Make sure he really loves you, not just because he spoils you with cash or gifts, be sure he loves you even just a bit.

4. If your man is not financially ready.

5. And he’s single.

Now to the strategy; first and foremost you need to know his intentions with you, is he interested in marriage or not, if he is then here is what to do. Get a good looking man to act as his rival, either he is you old friend or even if you have to pay or manipulate him but be sure to let him know what role he is playing in case he gets stocked. Let him get interested in you, not just wanting to see you but wanting to meet your parents.

Mention it to him once that another fellow is interested in you and is serious to meet your parents, show him a text message he sent to you, saying that he gave you a date to travel home with him to see your parents and collect list of bridal settlement from your father. Make sure you show your boyfriend a picture of him. Please note that he must be good-looking and well comported in the photo. He might not know what he wants at the moment but by the time you show him what a good-looking man wants, he will want that same thing.

Like women, men are also interested in what other good-looking and cool men are interested in, ranging from type women, clothes, lifestyle, type of activities they involve in etc. I may not know exactly why this is but I know that men love to do what other men does, so that they can blend into the society, there are only few pace-setters who manage to carve their own ways successfully.

Don’t forget, the key thing here is subtlety, don’t make it look like it was staged or planned, plan it to look natural and he will yield to this. Don’t bombard him with the matter or be about it all the time, just be visiting the matter with him twice a week. Each time you visit it, update him with the latest improvement and keep asking his opinion. You can even add jealousy to it as long as you are making it look subtle and unintentional and still show him respect.

One day, purposely forget your phones in his house and let your hired man call, text and whatsapp you through-out the day, your boyfriend might either pick the call or read your text messages or not, but be sure to let him know who is calling from the name you stored him with, you must have mentioned his name multiple times. Don’t get him to call immediately you leave, just give a few hours before he calls. If your boyfriend picks the call, let the other guy speak to him humbly and ask of you, then just drop the call, nothing more.

Tell him everything that goes on let him not feel like you are doing something behind his back. If he is taking time to yield, hire another guy and add to the list, making it two rivals against one, your boyfriend must definitely yield, unless you didn’t play the game right or he suspects something.

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