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Sunday, July 7, 2019

The North Is Backwards In Development; El Rufai Is An Arrogant Miscreant | Hplus Reporters


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El Rufai is a man that has been known to be confused ever since, a saboteur known with his ill will and hunger for more control. He is guiltier of the accusations that he laid on the northern leaders that he’s blaming for the backwardness in development in the northern region.

If you are a northerner and you think that development will come to your state by engaging in religious crisis or always tormenting people from other religion, then your brain is far less developed. Mallam Nasir El Rufai has always been the frontier of prosecuting the Christians wherever the terrains of his power exceeds.

For him to make such statement blaming northern leaders for the backwardness in development in the northern territory makes it clear that he is one arrogant miscreant who has chosen to hide under such statement rather than accepting to be worst of them all, instead of accepting to be part of the cause and shifting his focus to changing his leadership skill.

When religious extremism replaces human development, wealth creation in the north, when incompetent tyrant leaders are preferred because of their religion over competent ones, which is a major setback in their mentality.

El Rufai’s Islamization agenda that he has been pursuing so vigorously in Kaduna state portends great danger for peace and stability, what kind of a political leader shows insensitivity and disdain to the diversity of his people in a state made up of different ethnicity and religion?

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