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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Doctor Who Slapped Me As A Nurse 25 Years Ago Now Works Under Me As A Doctor After I Promised Him That He Will Work Under Me One Day – Doctor Bosah


Karma is real, they say what goes round comes round. A promise that was made 25 years ago has finally manifested after a female nurse was slapped by a male doctor in a quarrel 25 years ago, she promised to become his superior someday, presently the nurse is now a chief surgeon and she just found out that the doctor was transferred to the hospital where she works.

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“I have always delivered speeches to nurses and my favourite speech is telling them not to allow any doctor’s bully to get to them, it should be a motivating factor for them, no matter what hospital you work in Nigerian, nurses are always at the mercies of doctors, they never receive the credit of the work they do.

I was a young nurse at general hospital Onitsha, we (nurses) receive bullies from doctors, back then the nurse profession was still suffering so nurses were never taking seriously, we never had a voice and not considered during their decision making, we even received bullies from our matrons (higher nurses).

There was a particular resident doctor that was always on my case, Dr Philip bullied all the nurses but it seemed like he received more joy in bullying me, when I grew tired of his troubles, I challenged him one day, during the heated famous brawl in that hospital that gathered the hospital staff and even patients, he slapped me and I immediately returned the slap.

The doctor made sure I left the hospital but before I left, I made a promise to him that I must become a doctor some day and he will work under me. I went back and applied for med school, I finished and moved to Abuja with my husband and started working with National Hospital some years ago and rose to the position of chief surgeon, Abuja. Fast forward to present… I met Doctor Philip in National Hospital; he was putting on a doctor’s overall, I could barely remember him if not for that popular quarrel in that hospital.

I approached him and we greeted, I asked him what brought him here, he told me he was just transferred last week, he asked me the same question and I told him that I work here as the chief surgeon, that look on his face was priceless, when he thought I could never be better than him, now am a resident doctor while he was just transferred last week.

I just smiled because if it wasn’t for his troubles, I couldn’t have made this progress in life, who knows I could still be a nurse somewhere in Onitsha. Never let bullies get through you in life, let them be a transforming tools in your life”.


  1. Mehn, after 25 years OP's hand will be itching to deliver a back to sender grin

    The 25 years of pent up anger that is loaded in the revenge slap will send him to the world beyond.

  2. Chaii...the doctor must be so ashamed, don't why literate people behave like illiterates.