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Monday, July 15, 2019

Testimony Of Lady Who Recovered From A Mental State, Claims She Sees What She Believes Is A Ghost, It Drove Her Mad


 A lady known as Sally (real name withheld) who recently recovered from a mental state has testified how she got entangled with seeing images of ethereal beings which caused her the illness, she stated how it all began, how she got the moment that she believes changed her live forever. Exclusive to

ethereal being

Red Car

“I was 15 when my father passed on so we travelled down to the village in Benue state for his burial, so one of my female friends invited me to accompany her to the stream, she wanted to buy some supplies from the next community so she was supposed to swim across the river, because back then that was how the village women used to swim across the river to get supplies from the next community.

We got to the river and she pulled off some of her clothes, put it inside the pan she was carrying and started applying palm oil all over her body, she gave me to apply too but I told her that that was the far that I could go with her and that I wasn’t getting into the river with her, besides I couldn’t swim that far, I would wait for her until she swims back. She made fun of me and convinced me to go, so i went with her.

When I got into the river, I didn’t swim up to 5 minutes and I started losing strength, I began to struggle in and I guess I blacked out because I couldn’t remember anything else and nothing made sense. My friend dragged me to the shore. When I woke up hours later I started feeling funny from there on, I told nobody about this incident. Three days later I saw the first vision of what appeared to be the ghost of a pregnant woman. It just hovered across the room, it was a very light creature that made no sound, it just moved in a straight line from wall to wall. I didn’t tell anyone about it because I didn’t understand what I just saw.

I didn’t see any other vision until 2 years later; it was in Abuja, one morning I was coming out of our public bathroom and then I saw the ghost of a man sitting in front of my entrance into the apartment, I stood there for minutes staring at this creature, its body was just like a haze, like it was an effervescence or something. I was so scared that I ran into neighbour's house with towel tied round my chest. When I later came back with my neighbour, the ghost was gone.

From that moment on I started seeing more of those creatures or fragments, I became so scare, I started flinching at everything, even when rat crawled by. My mother seemed to believe me a little I guess but she wasn’t really taking me seriously, she will ask me to pray so that God will make me to stop seeing those things, but nobody else believed me, they thought that I was just an attention seeker so I stopped telling anybody and became alone in my world of seeing beings that I could not really explain to myself or anyone else could explain to me, so I became withdrawn and I shot the world out.

I started having some breakdowns gradually, because these beings come with moods that affected me. The idea of seeing ghosts was new to me so I couldn’t handle the pressure of the over flooding emotions that came with it. My mother became worried at the state of my health because I would be home for 3 days, I wouldn’t have my bath, I wouldn’t eat, I wouldn’t see anybody, I wouldn’t even leave the house for a second.

When she realized that I was having a mental breakdown she took me to different places to seek for help, from churches to native doctors and so on, until she was led to one baba that seemed to understand what I was going through, the baba counseled me and told me that I was given a gift to see the souls of the dead, he assured me that none of them will harm me. He said that they are trying to communicate with me”.

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