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Friday, July 19, 2019

Since I Rejected My Uncle’s Wife’s Advances, She’s Planning To Get Me Thrown Out, Please Help!

sex for favours

Am a youth corper serving in Calabar, Cross River state, even the house maid seems to have noticed this, she has begun a journey to make my life miserable as long as I stay in that house, the worst part is that the house maid has advised me to accept her madam’s advances at me and she will take care of all my needs. How can I do such thing with my uncle’s wife?

I don’t know if they are both working together to set me up so I can be kicked out or the maid is trying to use me and get favour from her madam or they are both trying to turn me into a sex toy I can’t really tell. The first day I came into the house she received me with kindness and was all smileys, but now when she yells at me I sense frustration, I haven’t done anything that warrants that level of anger, I mean if she has troubles with my uncle let her sort it out with him why the transfer of aggression on me?

It all started one day when my uncle travelled for two weeks, she started making advances at me, she was all hands on my body, we were watching her favourite channel Zee world on DSTV, if she wants to say something to me she will touch me and be smiling, until she asked me to get something from the kitchen, as I went into the kitchen busy getting the thing I felt a romantic hand on my chest, I thought it was the maid because that one too get her wahala, I was surprised to turn and see my uncle’s wife smiling at me, she followed me into the kitchen.

I froze for some minutes then she went for a kiss and I didn’t even move. I was still motionless, when I recovered from my shock and have gotten my sense back, I pulled away from her lips and left the house without saying anything to her. I came back in the night, I tried very hard to avoid her until my uncle was back, but she would come into my room at night and beg me to yield until one day she threatened to get me thrown out of the house. She knows that I cannot tell my uncle about this and even if I do, he wouldn’t believe me.

She has stopped giving me food in the house, I now live on my alawii though I don’t mind but what destabilizes me is that she makes sure my life in that house is a living hell. My uncle has asked me if I did something to upset his wife that makes her angry with me all the time, I told him no and he doesn’t seem to believe me, he is believing whatever his wife is telling him, whatever that may be I don’t care. Am considering getting my own apartment but it will be really difficult for me.

The maid told me one day that the only way I can avoid all her madam’s scorn is to make her madam happy by giving her sex, but am not cut out for that, and it’s beginning to seem like my presence in that house is beginning to cause quarrels between the couple and it looks like am going to be evicted as a matter of time. I have really thought it through and I realized that the only way out of this mess is to gbensh this woman which I really detest. Please any good idea will be appreciated…


    Having sexual intercourse with your sister in-law is an abormination in the eye of God and the eye of Men. The Beginning will be sweet but the end thereof is full of bitterness, destruction. BE WARNED!!!
    Move out of that house. You are not a toddler or a teenager tied down in a house. You are a grown up man. You are a corper you said, FLEE to any of the corpers lodge around.
    God's Grace.

  2. Pls flee like Joseph did when he was harassed by portiphar's wife.

  3. How can you be living in your uncle's house by This time of your life? What has he to offer you? If you are not really interested in your uncle's wife why not just go stay in NCCF or other places of your choice? Don't disturb my peace abeg...talking as if you no be man! Take the bull by the jornmand jet out of that evil abode my friend

  4. don't you have a phone can't you record conversations?,why can't you set them up with your uncle first?

  5. Flee my brother.
    I once faced such but overcame.
    Remember we must all give account on the last day.