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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

"Shiite Muslims Are Newly Emerging Sect Like Boko Haram That Sees Other Religions Both Muslims And Christians As Idol Worshipers" – S. Suleiman


Shiite Muslims masquerading under the umbrella of Islam are newly emerging religious sect who has zero value for human lives, theirs included, for obtaining their course they are ready to sacrifice their lives and their children’s in order to achieve their radical motives.

Their own ideology of religion is similar to that of boko haram, where they want to take over power by creating a parallel government to fight Federal government. The intentions of this group were made clear in 2007 after they assassinated the well-known cleric in Sokoto, Umaru Danmaishiyya for his sermons against the Shias.

If they had any regards for human lives, they wouldn’t have included their children in their protest, while instigating violence in government agencies, vandalizing and burning government properties, attacking security agencies and killing police officers.

The attack that took place in Banex Plaza Wuse 2, where gunshots were fired and teargas was released; I was there to witness people running for their dear lives, I could see some Shiite women carrying babies on their backs, scampering for safety.

They are dubiously playing victims to the ongoing incidents happening but if only the people will realize the true intentions of the Shiite Muslims, they will understand why the Federal government is fighting to keep their leader El Zakzaky locked away. In one of their dogmas in the faith of Shiite Islam is that other faiths are nothing but idol worshipers including their brother Sunni Islam.

Shiites have the attitude of always instigating an attack on people who does not agree with their methods, like the series of attacks between the Sunnis and Shiite Islamic sects in the northern Sokoto that left dozens dead and injured after a disagreement between the sects. In the attack, the overzealous Shiites destroyed three houses and injured a number of people.

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