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Wednesday, April 3, 2019



I watched a video on facebook about xenophobia going on in South Africa, i came across a group of young man and women protesting against the accomodation of foreigners in their country, and i came across this young man who bitterly admitted that foreigners came into their country, taking away their jobs and their women. Seriously?

Permit me to ask; what jobs are foreigners taking from these South Africans? They do not offer any direct jobs to foreigners, neither do they award them contracts, foreigners only go there to seek for business opportunities with other foreigners. They are the ones responsible for boosting their economy making lives easier for them, something they are incapable of doing due to their laziness and shortcomings.

Also the accusation of foreigners taking over their women is really offensive, i mean they should be ashamed to think of something of such. Are their women been considered as material or dog? Even dog are likely to leave their their owners to strangers who treat them better. These people have murdered thousands of black foreigners especially Nigerians but they will never slap a white foreigner for even spitting on their faces. Hypocrite of a higher dimension.

In the 80's and 90's when white foreigners dominated South African, its citizens were been subjected to racism, slavery and manslaughter and yet they were still loyal to their white masters. Was it not a few years back that a video surfaced online where a white boss put his black South African employee inside a coffin alive and was nailing the coffin while the poor man was begging to be released? This was because he failed to do his jib well, the video also showed the white man's friends laughing behind the scene. Since SAs are too quick to violence, why did a thing like this happen in their soil and they didn't even do a damn thing about it?

These guys are just bunch of lazy ass fools and hypocrites who don't know whoelse to blame but the foreigner in their country. They cannot kill all the black foreigners in their country, so i predict soon they will ignite a war with other African nations.

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