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Friday, July 12, 2019

Nigeria Has One Of The Highest Numbers Of Angry People Living In The Country - H Plus Reporters


According to a research carried out by H Plus Reporters, Nigeria is been reported to have the highest number of frustrated people living within. What makes people angry in Nigeria is deep-rooted in frustration and poverty, a white man once said that if you are an intelligent Nigerian living in Nigeria, it is best for you to get out of Nigeria to be successful because the country frustrates every effort of the people. That is somewhat true.

This have brought outrageous rise in kidnap cases, rape, money ritual, cybercrime, killings clashes and a whole lot of crimes across the country. Nigeria, known in the past as Giant of Africa was once a peaceful nation and was once looked up to for playing the big brotherly role to other African nation, but today is known as The Joke of Africa. A young Nigerian will prefer to go on diaspora in a neighboring country than struggle with frustration in his country, even the ones that have been stranded in diaspora prefer to wallow in their misery than to come back to Nigeria.

At some point it is now believed that if you do not display some level of anger, you will be considered to be someone who is weak, who can easily be preyed upon, or someone who has never suffered a day in your live. Doing Almost everything in Nigeria is frustrating, from getting up very early in the morning to avoid traffic to work, to no electricity to press your clothes, to boarding a public transport filled with angry driver, conductor and passengers to your job only for traffic to catch up with you eventually, to receiving stress from your place of work, to spending hours in horrible traffic coming home in the evening only to meet darkness at home as a result of power outage.

That is for those who have white collar jobs, what about the ones that have to stand in the hot scotching sun in the middle of the traffic to do their jobs or get their daily breads? What about those who spend the whole day in traffic to drive passengers to their destinations and then police and other law enforcers will extort almost everything these drivers work for the day? And those who have no hope of daily meal, they must hawk around the whole of the streets in order to feed their families, but get chased around by some government thugs to arrest them and extort them? You get sick and admitted into a government, you meet angry nurses and doctors who make life a living hell for patients. And so on and so forth.

Even in Nigerian universities, there are so many sadistic staffs, lecturers and professors who continuously frustrate the lives of its young students, for the female students, its sex for marks and for the male students who cannot offer them sex, they use them as slaves or ATM machines. They will keep blackmailing their students to their advantage until they are done with.

Even on social media; you make a controversial post on facebook and you are greeted with angry comments and insults from angry People.

In conclusion, some people have worked for a life time in public service only for their pensions that worth billions to be stolen by one person in the government, when he was arraigned in court and the judge granted him bail of N75k, he paid the money there upfront and strolled back home. Now what kind of message are they passing along to the up comers? They will be tempted to do worse if they get the privilege. 

A security or a door man/woman working in a government agency is equivalent to a company CEO, he becomes very rude and arrogant the moment he begins working as a staff. Whenever a little authority is attributed to anyone, it becomes an opportunity for extortion or to torment people. That is why people that passed through the scorn of the Nigerian system are always angry people.


  1. Like that lad called Afamed very angry for nothing

    1. Have you taken your loan?

    2. No headway still Sir but We must find a way as usual. Can you link me to Jagaban Borgu cheesy wink

  2. Especially since when bubu enter,everybody just dey para

  3. This is the reality of a Nigerian life