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Saturday, July 27, 2019

“My Wife Ignored Me When A Lady Attacked Me, But When I Did The Same To Her When A Man Attacked Her Guess What Happened”

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H plus community and visitors please I want you to help me judge this case; my wife has never had any evidence to suspect me of being unfaithful, she has never caught me with any woman or heard that I might be cheating on her, but my wife is the type of woman that does not believe anything someone says until she sees proof and even touches it, sometimes even the proof might not even be enough, product of her upbringing I guess...

Her only belief that I might be cheating on her is because I’m a man and to her every man is a cheat, well I have actually grown out of constantly trying to prove her otherwise which is very exhausting, so you can imagine the atmosphere of mistrust we kind of live in.

One Sunday morning a quarrel began between me and a neighbor in the same compound, a single lady, it all started when I got ready for a 6 am church service, I came out and noticed an unusual car blocking my drive out exit, because I have never seen the car in the compound before I had to look for the owner to come and remove the car so I could drive out, so I began knocking from door to door until I realized that it was her visitor who parked the car, one of her big uncles. I asked her to move the car but she said it cannot be move because it has fault, so how do I drive out now that am already running late? She said that she doesn’t care to know.

That was how the quarrel started o. Me having quarrel with a single wayward lady was just off, I controlled my anger and only said a few things but the lady was busy dishing insults, threats and abuses. My wife was present but she never uttered a word, she was just watching. Other neighbors that gathered as a result of the argument began to fault her for allowing her visitor park a faulty car in the compound, blocking other cars when she knows that other cars drive out in the morning, yet still had the guts to challenge me.

Meanwhile in the midst of all these, another neighbor asked my wife why she chose to remain silent in this matter while a lady was busy insulting her husband, this was her reply in her own word; “Abegi leave me out of this matter o, I know whether them dey friend themselves? I know whether them do finish him no gree settle am?”  It took only the grace of God to endure those words from my own wife, I tried so hard not to nurse that grudge in my heart.

After that incidence, it wasn’t up to 2 months my wife was involved in a brawl with a taxi man who drove her home. I returned home from work one evening to discover a scene where neighbors were holding off my wife and the taxi man from tearing each other apart. Normally I would have quickly dealt with this taxi man but only that I didn’t really feel like it, when neighbors expected me to come into the matter, I just walk straight into the house.

Few moments later the same neighbor who my wife made that comment to, came into the house to know why I just walked by when my wife was about to be beaten up by a taxi man, and I just quoted my wife’s word to her in the same manner; “Abegi leave me out of this matter o, I know whether them dey friend themselves? I know whether them do finish him no gree settle am?”  

The neighbor just left, she probably went and told my wife what I just said. That was supposed to be a lesson well learnt by my wife, but instead moments later my wife stormed into the house and started attacking me, this time it was a heightened drama but it was inside the house, it was a long story which I cannot be getting into details right now, but the pay back in her own coin didn’t really go down so well.

The matter is three days old and it is still on…


  1. I like this story sha. But a woman will never tolerate an ill favour u return back to her.

    Never do a woman what she did to u cuz some of them don't have brain.

  2. Wife, pass go right.
    Husband, pass go left.
    Una two na dangerous couple.

  3. dnt understand the atmosphere in your house, I dnt knw the reasons you wife chose not to trust you, and definitely do not understand ur relationship with her, maybe the story may be different from her side.
    All things being equal I can not allow a lady be rude to my husband, we die there, even if me and the husband just finished our own fight indoors, il make sure I put the lady in her place, she dey mad?
    The only exception is when this lady is a street girl talking dirty without intelligence, oboi na to jus use style drag hubby away pretending to be calming him and run away, so it's either I fix the babe or I carry my husband Waka, but jus watching him and a woman talking rubbish is a no.
    If your wife felt u had stuff with the babe then she should have remained inside the house and let you face your reward, what did she come out to watch?