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Friday, July 19, 2019

Man Cuts Off Wife’s Head After DNA Test Proved That He is Not The Father Of 6 Of ‘Their’ Kids

Isn’t this funny? After discovering such things going on, more are still repeating itself. Imagine the pain that comes after training your supposedly children only to discover that not even one out of the six children is yours. It means that your wife has been playing games and perfectly concealing it for decades behind your back without you ever suspecting it. She perfected the art of being a player.

If it was a man he wouldn’t have gone far without his wife not finding out as God gifted women with intuition, but not so with men, but when we say women are more funnier than men most you won’t believe it.

Did this man over-react? Or

Is the Wife just Wicked?


  1. check very 6 tribes be dat..the way some women opens their legs anyhow like goalkeeper that want to catch penalty,is really ungodly and unhealthy...fvcknambari.

  2. Still better than killing her.. Because the heart break and humiliation she gave the brother ,is still higher than the hand cutting...

  3. When you hear your wife say the baby looks like the husband beware

  4. Abomination.

    The devil sent this woman into his life to destroy him.

    Now he is going to die for murder, after a lifetime of raising children that are not his.

    Lord have Mercy.

  5. Behead the harlot joooooooooo... infact dearest her join.

    1. Not worth killing her for,Two wrongs don't make a right.

  6. "Evil man. Must you kill her??
    Now you will rot in Jail...

    You did not have a big spoon but you are dinning with the Devil... " tongue tongue

    It is difficult to type like Feminist. How do they even come up with their Mumbo-jumbo??

    Honestly, the man went overboard he could have managed his anger in a more controlled way...

    And, that woman thought she was smart but eventually met her doom.
    Heartbreaking story!!!