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Monday, July 1, 2019

If You Marry A Feminist, You Are Investing Everything In A Rapidly Self-Destructive Marriage By Luscious Kaynkwo


I read about a post online about a 55 year old Canadian woman who was narrating how she got entangled with feminism activities for the past five and half decades, how she has been lonely and couldn’t get a life partner, over 50 years of bitterness from hypocritical movement and wasted prime spent on mundane ideology about being equal with men, it was at that age that it struck her that she had just been deceiving herself.

At least she was bold enough to swallow her shame and pride to admit that feminism is a scam, a trait that no African woman possess, the ability to publicly surrender. They will rather surrender in private in other to protect other feminist’s ego hoping that they are doing them a favor.

Dear Men, if you marry a feminist, you are investing everything in a rapidly self-destructive marriage. If your woman always champions in women’s right or if you find your lady in the middle of any feminism activities, DUMP HER ASS with quickness without regrets because you will be saving your life for the nearest future.

No man wants to marry a woman who cannot take orders from him, YES! I MEAN ORDERS. The man is the commander-in-chief in his own house who went to another man’s house and married his daughter, and if the woman cannot submit to his government, she not worthy of him, do the needful quickly and don’t feel any remorse about it, mind you I don’t encourage beating a woman.

Do what you can to avoid ladies raised by single mothers, or who has never forgiven her father for offending her or abusing her mother in the past, this type of women have a misguided ideas about men which was as a result of their mother’s constant poisoning of their heart from childhood about their fathers, even when the father might have been fighting in the past to be part of their daughter’s life. These women were not brought up in love but rather in hatred, they don’t have the capacity to love, so avoid them. But if you must marry them, they must have to go through a shrink/psychiatrist, if you think these women are well, just think again.

Mind you that his woman can fix herself up enough to fool the prospective provider/hubby for a short while, and once the line that is dotted is signed her true colours reveal. Their plans are to intimidate you, dominate you then turn you into a woman wrapper gradually. Always be weary of them.

Feminists will always be misguided. I have seen many women on Twitter in their 20s buy into the misguided, feminist belief that men & marriage are bad for their academic & career advancement. What feminism does not factor in is that the older a woman get, the less a chance she stands of marrying someone desirable.

That’s why after lavishing their prime time; they tend to become more tolerant. That is why some middle class men can date high class ladies in their 30’s than in their 20’s, some of these guys end up marrying a ladies who they might have been chasing after back in her 20’s, but because he didn’t meet her flimsy and shallow standards back then, she would consider him not worthy of her, but rather go for the upper class men, this is a fact of life…

They seem to have turned everything to a contest of who is the most intelligent and better sex, and everything has become a challenge from their desire of being liberated to dominating. Just like yesterday was father’s day but we could no longer determine whether it was single mother’s day or father’s day.

Dear brothers, a WORD is enough for the WISE.

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