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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

If You Are A Father Go For DNA Test, Women Are Smarter And More Refined Than Men, That’s Why They Always Appear More Faithful Than Men Even When They Are Not – Popular Comedian


Even in the holy bible, when you go through it you will observe that women were made more special than men, more refined than men, to have more qualities than men, to be given preferential treatment over men and to be treasured over men.

All these qualities have made them to appear more innocent; a woman can easily hide her unfaithfulness and be mistaken for a saint. Take the case of the paternity fraud as an example, a woman defrauded her husbandinto thinking that he was the father of her 6 kids, this is “Cheating Plus”, that’s next level cheating, so the man was busy taking care of another man’s six children thinking they were his and he wouldn’t have ever found out should he have not gone for the DNA testing.

Women run around calling men dogs because men cannot almost successfully conceal their promiscuous lifestyle better than women. Let me go further to explain how women are more superior in that matter:

Compassion and many more

Women are given the gift of multitasking so they can multitask so easily in a polyandry relationship, it makes it much easier for them since they are not always the ones leading in generating and sustaining a relationship, they just sit back and enjoy the ride, I mean how hard does a woman work to get sex from a man?

Even when the women are having the lead role in the relationship, they can still cheat perfectly and never get caught more than the men, let me shock you, do you know that women want more sex than me? They won’t throw the light first but when a man throws, they grab it. In Abuja and Portharcourt alone, as far as I know, married women even do more runs than single women. The funny thing is, many of them lie that they are not yet married, some claim that they are widows and they see it as fun, they never get caught because they can go extra length to hide their promiscuity and are ready to deny it to the death when caught.

Sometimes even when wives are caught cheating, a lot of men don’t talk about it because men have been trained and programmed as robots not to complain and whine, they are trained to endure in silence and in secrecy, that’s why we record less promiscuity in women than in men.

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