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Thursday, July 25, 2019

How Will Banning The Importation Of Foreign Movies Going To Help Nigerian Movie Industry?


I remember back in the day when music industry in Nigeria was at its lowest level, you would never hear a Nigerian artist’s song in the background of any youth club or show, it was Foreign music the likes of Busta Rhymes, Sisqo, DMX and the rest of them that was trending back in those days.

You can even barely hear it on the radio, but today Nigerian music industry have taken a giant leap, it has grown so massively that you can never hear a foreign song playing in the background of any Nigerian club whether home or abroad, even on radio and streets is strictly Naija jamz everywhere you go.

Did the music industry had to ban the importation of foreign music before they worked out their weaknesses? No they worked hard on the improvement of their music productions. Music industry is where talented individual artists work hard independently away from politics and envy to create a quality product, no approval from one unnecessary government or organizational regulatory body of some sort. If the music is good enough to the people’s ear, it sells itself by itself.

The problem with any organization where politics is been played in is that the industry remains stagnant, an industry where producers and directors will exchange sex for roles, they consider talent as someone who’s good looking and has all the physical build ups, whether the person is dumb or not.

What hinders the progress of Nollywood is that the production of movies depends on their collective efforts and contributions made by members of the movie casts, producers, directors etc, the more people involved in a project in Nigeria the more the politics involved, and the moment politics enters a project, corruption will also be involved and that industry becomes stagnant.

It’s really saddening that a man as smart and exposed as former actor, Hon. Desmond Elliot thinks that it will do the Nigerian movie industry a huge better if the Importation of foreign movies is banned. Nigeria is an exposed country and not some primitive nation where everything passes for ban whenever one in power feels frustrated and wants to impose their law on the citizen by force. Ban is not going to solve your problem because people interested in seeing foreign movies will still find a way to get them.

If they are serious about improving that industry, they should learn from the music industry and rid themselves of the corruption in their industry. They should improve the quality of their acting and productions, no one wants to watch an under budgeted movies anymore where they struggle to keep their audience a particular lower level of intelligence with their dragging scenes even when their audience are ahead of them, they never get out of their little thinking boxes to find out what their audience really want, they will just continue recycling old movies.

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