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Friday, July 12, 2019

Herdsmen Having Sex With Their Cattle Is Demonic; Stop Eating Beef From These Sacrilegious Animals


Dear southerners,

If you are still eating cow meat in this country, please stop eating it. It has been uncovered that these Fulani herdsmen actually have sex with their cattle and infect them with their demons.


A lot of people have desisted from eating beef after a couple of videos surfaced online showing where some Fulani herdsmen were having sex with their cows, and doing some ritual-like-activities like, taking a bath in the cattle’s faeces and urine and doing some incantations.

When you pray to God about the known evils, also pray about the unknown and unseen evils around you. These herdsmen never eat these meats which they defy, they rather eat from ram and chicken. To them it’s a normal tradition to have sex with their cows because it is mentioned in their Koran, that a man is free to sleep with his animals when he feels the urge to satisfy his sexual need if his woman is not close to him, but after the sacrilegious act, he is forbidden to eat the animal, rather he should sell the animal to another community, far away from his own people. Do you really think these herdsmen consume meat from these defied cattle?

There are other alternative if you must consume meats; there are meats like pork, chicken, goat, fish etc. Stop eating defied cow meat to avoid bringing curse to yourself and your generations.


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