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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Do Hausa Hijab Wearing Girls Take Hard Drugs Too As Taxi Man Reveals?


In an interactive session with a taxi driver, he explained that during his night duties he always picks up hajiyas to a spot somewhere in zone 4, Abuja where they normally buy hard drugs at night.

In his words he said; “Every night I always get to pick two to four Hausa girls going towards zone 4 close to bureau de’ change where Hausas change dollars, once I pull up in front of the spot, when those boys spot the hajiyas they already know what they are there for, they will round the car and start selling their products.

You will see the boys by the road side in the day selling snacks, but that is just a decoy, their main business is hard drugs. The place is their community, and there is nothing like police raiding them, even sometimes I see them patronize them. I dare the police to raid there and see if they will not find illegal drugs there, that is if the police don’t already know of their illegal businesses”.

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