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Friday, July 12, 2019

CAN Is A Set Of Hypocrites, Charlatans And Self-Absorbed, Group I Have Ever Seen – Kaynkwo

An angry Nigerian known as Kaynkwo has come out to lambast the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) calling them hypocrites, charlatans and self-absorbed association. In his expression he said;

Ecumenical centre

“How can a so-called Christian body fold their arms and watch Christians been slaughtered like animals on an almost daily basis and they do nothing? How can a so-called shepherd allow their sheep to be sacrificed every day on the evil alter of one Nigeria and they watch from the comfort of their fortresses funded by these slaughtered sheep?

Christianity in Nigeria is nothing but SCAM, filled with hypocrisy and selfish agenda; you would never hear the voice of CAN if it wasn’t of an occasion that would benefit them one way or another. Gone are the days when The Church was highly responsible for the well-being of its society, when they used to be the resting place of the afflicted, but today churches have turned into business centers where these pulpit hustlers cash in at the expense of their followers.

A protest was recently led by some well-meaning Nigerian Christian entertainers to the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) headquarters, the protest was just as a reminder to the general overseer Pastor E. A. Adeboye of his role as one of the highly revered Christian leader to address this of Christians being butchered all over the north every day, but CAN only has this to say, and I quote;

“The entire exercise, in our view was ill motivated. The people who staged this insulting protest against a highly revered servant of God in the person of Pastor Adeboye are totally ignorant of the operations of CAN”

What an irresponsible comment coming from the head of a religious organization about the effort of these well-meaning Nigerians who are seeking justice for their fellow Christians. “Totally ignorant of the operations of CAN”; what are the operations of CAN? Is it not to protect the lives and interests of its members? But it appears that the only thing that they care about in this subject matter is protecting their highly revered egos. CAN is a set of hypocrites, charlatans and self-absorbed group that I have ever seen.

In the statement signed by the public relations officer of the RCCG, pastor Adeboye said that the fact that he is quiet does not mean he is silent on national issues, he explained that there are different ways of responding to issues affecting the country. Na when Muslims kill us finish for this country, na then your mouth go open? Sir whatever different ways in which you are responding to this issue is not working at all, because the killings of Christians have never stopped but rather escalating.

Didn’t the bible tell us how a shepherd who own a flock of 100 sheep lost one out of the flock, the shepherd left the rest of the 99 behind and went in search of the one lost sheep? So in translation it means that every single Christian soul matters a great deal, more than their highly revered selfish personalities.

The only ways these clergy men and women make their contributions is to make some careful utterances about this injustice from the comfort of their pulpits, careful enough not to upset the people in authority. None of them seem not to want to be assertive, not to stop making the powerful people in government their friends. They should keep aside their eye service and take on their responsibilities practically.

Imagine what will happen if people like Pastor Adeboye comes out of his fortress, to march against the killings of Christians, together with Oyedepo, Kumuyi, T.B. Joshua, some Priests, Reverends etc. Imagine what they will accomplish”.

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  1. Who take a statement of a bastard serious.

  2. CAN sh be more vocal and active than it is. FFK is more defensive of Christians than so called CAN.

  3. They only issue empty warnings that they don't actually take seriously unlike MURIC who issue warning and threats and embark on seeing it through.