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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Am Losing My Mind, Anytime I Smell That Perf It Takes Me Back To That Night, Mechanic Recounts Adulterous Moments With Strange Lady.


Please Hplus keep this one anonymous. Since I had sex with this woman I have been losing my mind, the worst is that I can’t even reach her.

There is this woman I called aunty, though it was just a respectful way of addressing my young female clients, she brings her cars to my workshop every other day for repairs, maintenance and servicing, she’s successful, independent, single, thick and in her 40s.

Well there has never been anything between us that exceeded fixing her vehicles, I am not even in her league, the type of a woman that doesn’t need the help of a man to get what she wants. One evening I closed from work, it was about to rain so I was trying to rush home, I got a call from her saying that her car broke down somewhere in and she was stuck when it was about to rain, so I caught a cab and headed to spot where her car was parked.

I got there and fixed the car, again she begged me to drive her home that she was scared of driving in the rain, so I drove her home, immediately we got to her building the rain started, so she invited me in. Over an hour it was still raining and it was getting late, my wife called me to know where I was and I told her that I was stuck at a friend’s place.

Later the lady went into the bathroom to shower, she came out wrapped in a towel, then she asked me to go have a bath too because it looked like the rain wasn’t stopping any soon, she gave me a fresh towel and so I took a shower too. As I came out of the bathroom, lo and behold I was greeted with a sight of her two large water melons pointing at me, I couldn’t believe my eyes, her towel was already on the floor, she was totally naked.

She asked me to strip too, I mean this could have never been a planned mission unless she had control over the rain, I stripped and we had sex and some other unforgettable things we did. Later my wife called me again and told me to start coming back as the rain was no longer heavy, when I objected and told her that I might not be coming back that night, she started suspecting me of being in an unclad environment, I had to turn off my phone because I knew that her calls will flood my phone throughout the night.

The sex was all through the night, then that was when I realized that some of these big single ladies are actually sad and lonely, they will rather be dying in silent than to easily accept offer from a man in their class or approach a man that they like, they will rather respect themselves in that aspect. In the morning she gave me money for my work and I was on my way.

Ever since that moment I have been stuck with the images in my head, the memory of that night is still fresh in my mind even after 4 months of sleeping with this woman, especially when I smell her type cologne off another person it triggers the memory fast, this has made me to start slacking and losing focus in my business, I don’t know if she used juju on me because she had stopped coming to my workshop and never picks my calls, even when I use a different number to call her and she realizes that it’s me, she will drop the call immediately.

I have gone to prayer houses for deliverance but it’s still happening, my wife doesn’t even know my present predicament right now. Please what can I do to get myself out of this mess…


  1. Oga the matter long o you should continue to seek the face of God, one day he will show you his mercy pls stay off adultery and focus on your life building,

  2. This woman has charmed your heart with her pussy, please continue at your own risk.