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Friday, July 12, 2019

Any Man Who Denies Himself The Pleasure Of Having As Many Concubines As He Desires Is A Coward - Kaynkwo


Even God Himself will never be happy with man for settling for just one woman when he has more sexual urges to deal with, why settle for one woman when you can have as many women as you desire? This current society greatly influenced and partly crafted by women as part of the culture of civilization, has been a plot to blackmail the hell out men to settle with the “one man, one woman” policy.

 In this era, women have grown bold to challenge men for infidelity, they now have name for the act of man exercising his God given divine urge to pleasure himself with other women (CHEATING), and they become shallow men who think with their penises. King Solomon was the wisest man alive and his wisdom was given to him directly from God, yet he had 700 wives and 300 concubines (1 Kings 11:3) and all of them lived in harmony, now would you say he was a shallow man? A man who was worshipped, who leaders of nations travelled very far to pay tributes to. Who told you men that you must be monogamous?

Also King David, the man after God’s heart had plenty wives and concubines, he wasn’t still satisfied, he sent one of his generals to his death just to have his wife, he atoned for the sin of killing a man and taking his wife but not for the sin of enlarging his network of women, yet God loved him. And so many other Godly characters in the bible who was never ashamed to own up to their manly nature.

Women are known to fight with their principles to obtain gender equality or superiority over men, whichever one they claim that they are fight for, their greatest weapon have been blackmail, they can blackmail men into giving up their desires, that was the same strategy Eve used on Adam, she blackmailed Adam to get him to disobey God. Never succumb to women’s blackmail about acquiring more women.

Now it is baseless to keep as many women as you cannot control or take care of, if you don’t have the resources, just cut your coat according to your size. If you cannot help these women, leave them for those who can help them for it is pointless to be struggling with your life over women.

Women should learn how to share their men with other women in other to help them out, the tendency of women to men is very high because more women are born and more men are being sent to prison, sent to war, die in community clashes etc. People like Hon. Ned Nwoko has contributing seriously in fixing this problem by marrying his 6th wife, now if other able men could emulate this gesture and get rid of this mundane “one man one woman” policy then you will cease to see overaged single women roaming the streets.


  1. Absolutely spot on.

    Makes no sense having one woman if one can afford to keep more.

    By being answerable to women, men are reduced from Masculine Alpha males to snowflakes who now whine like weeny babies and explain to their women of their where-abouts and even cry or kill themselves if a lover cheats.

    But we must also give the women the opportunity to explore their sexuality too. I am for fairness as women are also having the quiet desperation to live their sexual fantasies.

    In essence, we can all fucck around, catch diseases, treat the diseases and enjoy our sexuality until menopause and erectal dysfunctionality knocks as we age gracefully.

    I am yet to meet a 60 y/o woman or man who has been with just one man or woman. So why the hypocrisy ?

    Enjoy your animal instincts.

    1. No women doing same is cheating, i cant marry you into my house or whoever's house in that case to have u flirting around, i paid ur bride price to own u and not to set u loose to be flying around.

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  3. You are actually the fool here...