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Friday, July 12, 2019

A Reverend Father Abused Me And My Younger Sister At Ages 14 And 12, Lady Narrates Her Story


A lady has come forward to narrate how she and her little sister was lured, abused and raped by a cleric as teenagers and how she was not believed every time she complained to her mother.

sexual abuse

“I was in JSS 3 then, back then the Catholic Church used to send reverend fathers to towns on evangelical missions, then the church diocese will share those priests sent to them amongst the Catholic Churches within the town. Back then it was those churches’ responsibilities to cater for those priests’ shelters, feeding, among other things.

Then they will announce in the church and ask for volunteers who have extra rooms in their homes who can assist in accommodating at least one priest for couple of months. In cases like these there were usually more volunteers than required because there were people who loved the idea of accommodating a reverend father in their homes.

My mother a core catholic was one of those people, she accommodated one Father Andy; he won my mother’s heart with his kind gestures and his sensitivity to the minutest things, he helped my mum in the kitchen, he did domestic chores, he helped me and my sister with homework, he prayed in the house and so on.  Since my father’s passing, we had always welcomed the idea of having a close male relative around the house since it was just me, my younger sister and mum.

I was so comfortable around Father Andy, I could tell him secrets that I couldn’t tell my mum or even my best friend, due to our closeness, I could lay down on the same bed and be gisting with him, he showed me many things that was accessible to me as a child. I was so innocent that I never thought that there were boundaries since he was a priest, and my mother was not always around though she trusted him so much.

The first time he kissed me was when I started becoming conscious of boundaries, he noticed that I became withdrawn from him then he called me one day and started giving me all sorts of advice, he told me that we was only preparing me for the dangerous world of men out there, how it was God’s plan for him to be sent here to prepare me since I had no father to get me ready, how God worked in mysterious ways, bla bla bla.

He lured me and disvirgined me that day, from that day he continued to abuse me every day, until one day I realized that he was also abusing my younger sister who was 12 at that time. I decided to open up to my mother but she felt that it was one of my antics to get rid of Father Andy. She never believed me and my little sister, she asked us to go for confessions and ask for God’s mercy for trying to wrongly accuse an anointed man of God, and never to speak of it to her again or anybody else.

Until Father Andy completed his missionary assignment and left, my mum never believed our story. I and my baby sister had to live with this experience for the rest of our lives until we decided to share it”.


  1. I know alot of people that Revd fathers have messed up, mostly small girls and teenagers. There will be shockers on the last day wallahi!

  2. First of all they are MEN, never be deceived by the title of Pastor or Imam or Reverend. All of them get blockos grin grin grin grin grin grin

    Flee from men and women who try to take advantage of you from the first time.