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Monday, January 7, 2019

Reintroduction Of Gender Assessing


Let me tell you about two sexes; 

Sex A is the stronger of its sex, whom much strength is attributed to, whom much is expected from but a little has been given to. He has an obligation to be a responsible leader and protect his territory.

He no longer knows what his vulnerable side feels like because it has been suppressed by the society, he has a dysfunctional view of the world due to physical and mental abuses throughout his life so he feels comforted only by his masculinity. 

Sex B is the weaker of its sex, who needs to survive in the masculine dominant world, she has the responsibility to protect her image and look pure in the world’s eye in other to just to be in the favour of the society, because she has been programmed and expected to achieve that certain ‘ultimate’ goal.

She needs to figure her way out as early as possible in her life because time is so precious to her; she is so vulnerable that any mistakes made in her life can be so devastating to her destiny. She has big dreams and high expectations from life, but compromises all just to fulfill her obligation of being under an authority.

Now close your eyes… Picture each of these sexes and tell me which one you fall into, be honest no one is going to judge you. Now are you sex A or sex B? Are you obliged to be a leader and protect your territory, or do you compromise just to remain under authority?

For most of our lives we have been caught in between who we really are and how we are perceived, in between categories and definition and yet we don’t fit in. Sometimes we see it as a curse and sometimes a blessing. When we don’t fit in, we are forced to see the world from different scopes and views, because we gain knowledge and life different life lessons from disparate people and places.

And these lessons shape us to become better or worse. So who are you? Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Francis Splendour, I am a relationship coach, an author, I taught myself blogging, music and graphics design, am an entrepreneur, a content creator and I love sales. So what message have I passed on? If you have been reading my blog would you even have to ask me that question?

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