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Thursday, January 10, 2019

How My Supposed Girlfriend Gave Me Up To Some Ritualists.


boyfriend and girlfriend for blood money

Complements of the season H Plus community and family. I met this lady in Abuja and we started dating, we really got close to each other that we spend time at each other’s place, I never knew what exactly she did for a living but she always talked about her boss all the time who owned a famous hotel in Abuja (name withheld) and she actually introduced me to him at some point, so I figured she must be into hotel management.

She is a wealthy lady, anytime I spend time in her house I found peace because she was neither the type of lady that answers 100 phone calls per day nor was she the type that men visits in her house, in fact I was really comfortable with this lady, she even lends me one of her cars to drive to work on a daily basis.

In fact H Plus, I was really considering marrying this girl because she was everything I wanted in a woman. On that faithful day I went to work with her car as usual, my phone rang and it was her. She sent me on an errand to go collect something for her from her boss, but before I go I should drop the car at her house so her mechanic do some maintenance to the car.

So I did as she asked and dropped the car at her house and went straight to the hotel owned by her boss to collect the something, the hotel is a popular one, located at area 10 Abuja close to def… as I got there the man was already waiting for me outside the building, when he saw me approaching he smiled and wrapped his arm round my shoulders so I could aid him get up from where he was sitting, then he took me inside.

He took me straight back to the building behind the main hotel building and as we got inside, I discovered that the more we got inside the rooms were getting darker, until we got into a room where I saw group of middle aged men almost naked, they tied red shiny pieces of cloths round their waists, about 12 – 15 of them standing round a table with a white shiny bowl on top of the table.

Immediately I entered the room and saw this, a cold chill was sent down my spine, the men looked at me and I froze like a deer in headlight. One of the men that looked like their leader reached into the bowl and brought out a dagger, which was when I screamed and ran. When I got to my work place I was so fidgety and calm, I couldn’t understand or say what just happened.

Few moments later my girlfriend called me and started apologizing, seemed like her boss have called her and told her it was unsuccessful, she said she did it for my own good; she wanted me to make quick money so she arranged me to be initiated into society by her boss. She went ahead to say that during the time her boss received me and put his arms round my shoulders, it was supposed to make me unconscious but it didn’t. She wanted to know why I wasn’t unconscious at the time and demanded to know who exactly I was.

She begged me to forgive her and also move on with my life since she has messed up. The truth was that she sent me to her boss so he could use me for ritual then she will receive her payment, it sounded like something she had done couple of times with couple of guys who she wooed to their deaths.

A day later I discovered she has moved out of her apartment and also her phone number was no longer reachable. That was how I could have ended up becoming blood money.

Wow! What a wicked world, nobody can be trusted anymore… Thank God for your life o, what could have been your fate if your enemy posing as girlfriend succeeded? If their juju could not make you unconscious at that time that means God isn’t done with you yet. He has a purpose for your life.

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