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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Why Men Struggle With Self-Image


male chauvinism

What do you think is the cause of male chauvinism? This question came up during a heated argument with our respondents, while analyzing the character Okonkwo in the play Things Fall Apart, his best friend advised him not to take part in the killing of that young boy Ikemefula, who lived with him for 3 years and called him father.

A female respondent Chimaroge gave an insight, she said;
“Its fear and pride. Men’s pride and ego would not allow them listen to their own human feelings and tenderness, because to show feelings is being regarded as a woman. Okonkwo went ahead out of fear; fear that it would reduce him to being a woman if he refrained from striking the boy. So in reality men struggle between their self-image and their ego. I also think men are afraid of women that if they are given a chance they will do better than them”.

A male respondent Mike also gave an insight;
“What being a man simply means is taking responsibility of your situations and not showing heartlessness or whatever as the lady speculated, it’s just an archaic idea about men I have ever heard about. Women have almost all the support groups to help them get through whatever crisis they may face meanwhile, little or no emphasis have been placed on boy’s matter, so they are expected to figure out everything on their own”.

A man’s struggle with his self-image has been a man’s greatest weak point; women who realize this have used it to their advantage to control men. They play on his ego a little and have him do whatever they want him to do. That’s why men make regrettable mistakes especially in their choice of partner and live with it for the rest of their lives and the cycle continues, been passed down to the next generations.

In order to achieve a better society, we need to inculcate moral principles and do away with the ego that has been built up by the societies’ expectations of what they want us to become.

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