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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Why Are You Still A Single Lady At 30+?

single t 30 plus

Women have super strong instinct than men but sometimes choose to ignore or use them wrongly, it is good for a woman to be ambitious when it comes to choosing a man but at what cost?

Of course every woman’s dream is to marry a prince in shiny armor who will come and sweep her off her feet, at least at a certain younger age in a woman’s life she must have had such thoughts or still have them. At that younger and ripe age, she friend zones all her meek and gentle male friends who have a clear future and their heads are correct, they become too sensitive and too broke for her, because she needs some excitements and adventure in her life.

She wants a lion that she can feel love for, he’s cute and buoyant, he’s going to be driving a beautiful car but yet he squats with a friend, he’s huge and has six packs but he is  woman beater, he has a very nice job and a comfortable apartment but he’s married, though he promised you marriage. My sister, did you think he would leave his wife for you? Even if he tells you he’s desperately unhappy, he doesn’t love her, or he’s going to leave—chances are he won’t.

As she gets older she’s still running around with her lions and they continue devouring her. As she’s busy with her lions, her meek and gentle friend zoned male friends who are eligible bachelors all gets married, but it doesn’t go down well with her. By that time she has started to realize her mistakes, a reasonable amount of her time have been wasted.

When the Mr lion has finished formatting her destiny and she is still single and frustrated, she puts the blames on every man that she can find, couple of more years goes by and she becomes bitterer.

A food for thought, ladies shouldn’t be occupied with the thought of looking for a complete already made man, they can also build together with a man who isn’t complete. Is there not a say that behind every successful man is a woman? That means that a woman can build with a man. But these days women come up with the excuse that even after laboring with a man that in the end he will still leave her and go for another woman, that means she has laboured for another woman. So in that case they believe a man should build himself up first before they accept him.

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