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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Pastor Father Defiles Daughter, Girl Makes Shocking Revelation During His Burial –"I Aborted 3 Pregnancies For Him”


A 21 year old girl (name withheld) in Kogi state has made a confession during her father’s burial which shocked the whole town, she revealed that her father started molesting her at the age of 13, which she claimed that resulted to the abortion of 3 pregnancies in the process.

Her late father was a residential pastor of a Deeper life church branch in Kogi state before his death. He was been given a pastoral burial service by his co pastors when the girl delivered this shocking message. When it was time for friends and families remarks at the burial, she came forward with the shocking news.

She said that her father deflowered her when she was 13 and continued abusing her sexually ever since then. “When i became pregnant the first time at 13, my father took me to a village outside our town where no one will recognize him as a pastor to get rid of the pregnancy.”

“I got pregnant for him again at 15 and he took me to the same quack clinic to get rid of it, and also at 16”. Her mother separated with her father when she was 12 and moved to another state, she has been living with her father ever since then, then the abuse started at 13.

She was weeping bitterly, she rained curses on her father and hoped that his soul burned in hell for what he did to her, she said the last abortion almost claimed her life yet her father did not stop having sex with her. When asked why she didn’t say a word then, she said her father forbade her from speaking to anyone about it, saying that they will both go to jail if she mentioned it to anyone.

Now her father is dead and she’s 21, she feels obliged to let everyone know what her father did to her, she mustered the courage to tell everyone what a monstrous man he was, parading himself as a holy pastor of Deeper Life Bible Church. This made the whole crowd at the burial including the pastors were so disgusted that couldn’t continue with the service, he was buried in shame.

What a wicked father…

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