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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Does This Dressing In Church Portray Her As Irresponsible Pastor?

Pastor woman dressing to church 

I know a lot of women especially her followers would want to back her actions up with a catch phrase or even a quote from the bible, but this act is very wrong especially when it’s coming from a pastor.

These new generational churches that slowly are turning worship centres into club houses and entertainment parlours, inviting comedians and celebrities to perform at church services are very wrong. Let me not deviate from the main topic, this is a minister at the Enlightened Christian Gathering, dressed in a tight jeans and a hilltop shoe, leaving the rest of her shape to be imagined. 

She might not have any wrong ideas but what about the people she risk putting into temptation? Don’t get me wrong, I know men are supposed to have self-control especially in church where they’re seeking salvation, but it’s going to be much easier to focus on their goal when there are no tight jeans to distract them.

You can say or think that it’s not your problem but the fact is that it is, because you cannot expect to get salvation while misleading others in the name of fashion. Because you think that your heart is pure doesn’t make you in the position to ignore the well-being of the rest.

Be your brother’s keeper...

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