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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Who Says Men Too Don’t Need Divorce Support?

men too need divorce support

There are so many groups that are been created in the bid to favour women and girl child but almost none in favour of men. Even though men are the stronger sex, they are also humans with emotions too before they are a gender (men).

Men have severally been neglected right from the moment they start to walk with their feet, to take care of themselves by learning things the hard way. Many have not been equipped with the proper training to go into the world, they are just being expected to know all instinctively.
In the quest to find themselves in this cold and harsh world, many were abused severally, some lost their lives in the process as a result of trying to impress. He feels alone all the time with no one to talk to, or doesn’t know how to talk to someone because he was not trained to do so but expected to figure things out by himself.

He cannot express himself because he is not supposed to show weakness (emotions), such men are easily lured into different kind of activities with the promise of providing support and care that he deserves to have he will plunge into it without a second guess.

And then he gradually embeds all these dysfunctional codes into his system to live by it, and then his system continuously processes these wrong codes. In his life he will make a lot of mistakes and have a lot of regrets only to learn the hard way until he becomes old enough to become man. As you can see, life is already tough for him, then sometimes he turns to violence, rape, pedophile, terrorism, polygamy, sex abuse, and so many unimaginable things. And then the cycle continues as he passes it on to his generation and so on.

A well groomed man raises better family than a non-groomed man. All he needs is attention as a boy, the same training you give your own daughters, let him do the dishes, allow him some time in the kitchen with his mother, let him do chores just as the girls do too, communicate with him publicly and privately, lend him your trust.

Women on the other hand are more emotionally stable, because they have been trained as a girl, everything already been provided for her, for instance there are provisions for women in the areas of education, skill acquisition, emotional group support, family support, divorce support, sex education and so on. But the boys are been left out to fend for themselves in these areas.

There should be more support groups created for boys to be taken care of, the world could have been a little bit better than it already is right now if this was done earlier.

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