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Friday, November 16, 2018

“When I Was Shown The Girl I Fell In Love With Chatting With, I Almost Puked”

when i was shown the girl i fell in love chatting with, i almost puked

So I was reading through your blog and I got to topic that struck me as similar incident that I have experienced and thought I should share it. When it comes to lying about physical appearance just to impress the opposite sex or portray attractive image, let's give it to the ladies.

So I met this girl on social media, her pictures were stunning, her voice was so wonderful so I easily matched up the pretty face on the photos to the sweet voice coming from her, plus she had a wonderful personality. She added me up and we were chatting, she never stopped keeping her pictures coming that it almost flooded my phone. Our chat was getting so serious and intimate that I began to fall in love with this girl.

It got to a point on the phone that I even popped the marriage question. So I insisted to arrange a meet with her many time, but the only day she agreed, I traveled from Onitsha to Awka in Anambra (a south-eastern state in Nigeria) to see her. When I got to our agreed spot where we were to meet, I called her multiple times but she never answered, I stood for 30 minutes waiting for bae to pick my call.

Splendour when she finally picked the call, she told me that she couldn’t come and gave me some excuses, calmed me down and promised to make it up to me and all. That was how that day went. So I decided to spend the weekend in Awka with some of my friends there who were there.

The next was on a Sunday and we were are in church service, so I decided to ask any of my friends if they knew or have seen this girl, I popped out her picture from my phone and asked them, does anyone know Chichi Vera Orakpo? One of them saw the picture and insisted he knew her but she resides in Lagos and her name is only Vera Orakpo and not Chichi Vera.

But she told me she lived in Awka, and that her father owns a petrol station, he said that the girl bearing the name Chichi Orakpo is her younger sister and she was in the same church service that we were in and he promised to show her to me.

So when it was time for offering, my friend pointed at a pale, sickle cell looking girl, dancing her way to the offering basket “that’s Chichi Orakpo, that’s the girl I’ve been chatting with”. I was disgusted with myself, I couldn’t just let the church service to end, I just left.

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