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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Please Ladies What Is The Best Way To Love Like A Man?


I'm blessed but unlucky but when it comes to encounter with women and relationships I'm unluckily lucky. My relationships with ladies have always been a bit of terrible experience.

I had a relationship with a lady which started smoothly, we have swell time, out of this world romantic experience. Whenever we're not together I try to get in touch by calling at least thrice in the morning, noon and night. But at one point she will be too busy to take my calls or return it to show that she missed it. If she needs my attention anytime I'll make sure I'm there at all cost.

If she needs anything I'll try to provide if not all, at least a good fraction of it. With all these efforts, what greets me is rejections, unappreciation or even worst. I have a female friend who recently told me why all the things greet me in relationship is that I love too much and a man is not supposed to love like that cos I try to do same to her even as a good friend. I'm against any form maltreatment a man should give to a woman.

Be it physical, verbal or emotional abuse, lack of care and providence or any form of discomfort. She has given me guidelines and curricula on how I treat a woman which includes forming to be too busy to call or text especially in the morning, I should call at night when I’m about to sleep just to check her.

I should not always be there for her whenever she needs me. I should do that at my convenient. I should not provide all her need except only what I feel it's really necessary for her and many more tactics and I want to start applying them in next relationship.

Please ladies what is the best way to love like a man? 

1 comment:

  1. Atimes ladies like bad guys... U seem too cool... Guess it's time to play the card of "I Don care"... Anything gotten on a platter of gold atimes often get less valued... So its time to make them earn the care... Don't always lavish it else they take it for granted... If your pattern isn't working, try another pattern...